United Airlines Reservations Phone Number

Connecting people. Uniting the world.

World is beautiful above the clouds and when the journey to this world of fairyland also becomes cozy and charmed then nothing is comparable to it. United Airlines promises you the similar journey experience .With the services that are very inviting and alluring , you will not be able to resist yourself from making United airlines Reservations . 

With the support and the positive response from the happy and contented customers, this airlines has managed to grow and become the world’s third largest Airlines in terms of fleet size and number of routes, making it possible for the people to connect to the ones for whom they are longing to link-up. 

The glaring things offered by United airlines can be experienced by you too if you makeUnited reservations.

Want to lock your seat? – United airlines reservations

  • Visit the United airlines official site and click on the Book option to start with the booking process.
  • Now, mention the place of departure and your destination to visit to move forward with the flight booking process.
  • Now, mention the number of passengers and your planned journey date.
  • Then, go ahead by clicking on the ‘Search’  option and see the available flights for the respective date and route.
  • After this, choose a flight to make your United airlines Reservations and proceed with the booking.
  • Now, provide the details of the people traveling and click on the Continue option.
  • The last step to finish your United reservations is to make your payment. 

Now you are ready to have an unforgettable flight with United Airlines.

Different classes in United airlines: 

• Economy

• Different levels of business class

• Upper class

Can’t travel without favorite stuff?

United Airlines Baggage policy

Travelling with luggage but not knowing the rules cam land you in certain difficulties. So it’s better to know about it before you step ahead.

 For regular Economy Class , baggage policy is :

Carry-on baggage.

  • 1 personal item – Free of cost
  • 1 carry-on item – Free of cost 

Checked baggage / Hold luggage – Additional fees is applicable

Overweight and Oversize bags – Additional fees is applicable as  per bag depending on weight and size categories

Sports equipment – Additional fees is applicable

For better understanding and detailed description of baggage policy, you can take help from United Airlines customer service by visiting United airlines official site or contacting to United airlines phone number.

Having nightmares of reaching your destination late?

Check your United airlines Reservations status: 

Being double sure is the best way to keep away unnecessary stress.  With the flights also, this is the case. Any situation like bad weather , technical fault, operational fault or may be some emergency can also lead to the delay or in rare cases, the cancellation of flight also. So to keep you updated , you are given the facility to check the status of your flight as many times as you want. 

There are different ways to do so- 

Intimation subscription: By this subscription you will be updated the current status of your flight including the departure time, landing time , time limit fir boarding the flight and many more details.

Text message and e-mails : Any change in your scheduled timings or other necessary information will be updated to you via text message on your registered phone number or your e-mail id.

United airlines official site:  The easiest way to get updated is to visit the United airlines official site and get all the updated details any time you want or you can simply contact to United Airlines customer service via United airlines phone number.

Flight status reminder: United Airlines customer service is not  confined to just giving you assistance on a phone call , but you can get the flight status reminder also time to time , telling you about your take-off time, landing time and many more details.

Change in plans ?

Cancellation of United reservations:

Being a human being, our mind generally tinkers a lot with what we plan and don’t let us to follow it and sometimes the circumstances are also not in favor of our decisions , hence we need to cancel or delay our pre-made plans. But not to worry in such situations also because when you makeUnited reservations, you get the opportunity to cancel your reservation also. 

Single requisite is that, that you need to follow the rules of cancellation policy of United airlines Reservations .

Policy rules:If you want to cancel a domestic flight, then you need to pay a fee of $200 per ticket.On the flip side you will have to pay a fee of $400 for every international booking cancellation.

But don’t take pressure of money at your head , you can get exemption also when you cancel your United reservations but that cancellation should be done within 24 hours of your United airlines Reservations . In this case, no cancellation fee will be charged on you . 

Online cancellation method:  Era has changed now,  digitalization is a new trend. Anything can be done online, even your ticket cancellation also!  Just visit the United airlines official site and navigate to the required links and then your work will be done easily without any hassle.

Need more assistance?

United airlines customer service

Having privilege of getting round the clock customer service is great in itself. Here when you make United reservations , you are given the facility of this also because customers are considered the form of god and god should be given the supreme priority.  You can talk to the customer service and solve all your doubts and feel free .

You can avail this facility by either visiting United airlines official site or by dialing United airlines phone number

Still having doubts?

FAQs About United Airlines Reservations

1. What is the children policy of United Airlines?

• There will be no charge on the ticket for children who are under two years of age.
• If you carry the infant in your lap, then no one will ask you to book any seat for your infant child separately.
• International destination will cost you some percent of flight cost whereas there is no extra cost for domestic flights.

2. What is the pet policy of United Airlines? 

You can carry small puppies or kittens in the cabin but if your pet is big and quite heavy, you have to carry them in cargo. As according to normal baggage policy, you will be charged depending upon the weight and breed  of your loved pet .

3. How can we choose or change our seat when making United reservations?

You can do this by visiting United airlines official site or by using the mobile application of United airlines.