Delta Airlines Reservations Phone Number

Delta Airlines Reservations Phone Number

Among the different airlines that exist today, the Delta airlines has a good name and following. People around the world, love to travel with Delta airlines. A wide range of services are offered by the Delta airlines to its customers worldwide. Here in this article we will take an insight on the processes of Delta Airlines reservations. We will look at the process of booking the flight tickets through the customer care in detail.

When we classify the ways to book tickets with Delta airlines, we get two main categories of online bookings and offline bookings. In the online Delta Airlines booking, the tickets are booked by the use of internet. That is, either through the computer or laptop, the tickets are booked online. The same can also be done using an app on the phone. In this case also internet connection is required and so this process also comes under the online bookings category.

When we talk about the offline ways, no internet is used to book the tickets. The offline ways are the best for one, who is not familiar with the latest technology. The best offline way to book the tickets with delta airlines is through the customer care department. The user is required to call the customer care department and book the tickets. We will have a look at the step by step process for this in detail.

Booking through the customer care

  1. Call the customer care executive on the customer care number.
  2. When the executive pick the phone, let him know that you want to book the tickets with Delta airlines.
  3. Let him know about your journey including the date of travel and source as well as destination airports.
  4. Also let the executive know about the particulars of the passengers who will travel with the flight.
  5. Once all the information is provided by you, the executive will check for the availability of seats in the system.
  6. If the seats are available, he will ask you to do the payment through the available payment options.
  7. After the payment is done by you, he will book the tickets for you.
  8. He will give you the confirmation that your tickets are booked.
  9. A confirmation number will also be provided by the executive, which you have to keep safe for future use.

Hence, the above is the simple process of Delta Airlines Flight Booking through the customer care department of the delta airlines. This is the most convenient way of booking the ticket as you don’t have to go anywhere to book the tickets. The tickets will be booked right on a phone call. When you book your tickets through some agent, they usually charge you some extra amount as commissions. Hence it is better to book the tickets yourself.

Apart from the method discussed above, there are other offline methods as well which can be followed to book your tickets with Delta airlines. The method you follow will be based on your preferences.

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