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How Your Front End People Can Make Or Break Your Dental Practice

Front-end marketing is much more important than you think. You can go to a lot of trouble when working on your dental marketing services, but you must have a front end staff that will match up with your marketing. Take a look at all the steps below that will help you create a program that works no matter how much your practice grows.

1. Start With Dental Marketing Services

You must market your office in a way that will bring in local traffic. You want people in your area to be aware of your presence, and you must draw them to you by using things like local SEO to catch their attention.

2. Local SEO

Local SEO is the most important part of the marketing plan because you need to get people who are coming to the office because they are local. The local SEO plan should be deployed by someone who has researched the keywords, the locations, and the landmarks that are in the area. You must use street names, and you must be certain that you have worked with the marketing company to make the correct list of keywords and phrases.

3. The Website

The website that you build should be created with help from a programmer who knows how to make it look appealing, and you must have the programmer use colors, animations, and navigational tools to help make your site look friendly. You want all your guests to come to your site knowing that they can get the exact help that they need, and you might find that most people who come to your site will be compelled to make an appointment right there.

4. The Appointment Page

The appointment page allows your customers to set up a time to see the dentist right there. They do not need to call or wait on hold, and they can do all this in the flow of their normal day. The person who does not have much time should be given the chance to set an appointment for the future, and that should mirror the amazing customer service that they will get in the office when meeting your front end staff.

5. Who Are The Front End Staffers?

Front-end staffers are the faces of your business. They are the people that smile at all the patients who walk through the door, and they must offer a similar customer experience to the one that people get when they are on the website. Things need to be simple and easy. This is a very important part of managing your business, and you must have procedures in place that make it a little simpler.

6. The Front End Staff Should Look Professional

You want your front end staff to look just as professional as your website. The people who do clerical work should look like they went to work in a regular office, and they must have the customer service voice and smile on at all times. This is something that people have come to expect because they need to have that little glimpse of light when going to the dentist’s office. No one wants to go see the dentist, and they could at least be cheered up by the people that you put up front.

7. The Procedures

The procedures that you use up front must be simple and easy for your staff to understand. They must get everyone to sign in, fill out the right papers, and handle any insurance claims that come up. The front end staff must let people know about long it will be before they see a staffer for their appointment, and they must offer a friendly conversation where needed. The front end staffers must be very kind when asking for payment or dealing with insurance, and they must help set everyone at ease before their appointment.

8. Answering Questions

The front end staff must be willing to answer questions for patients, and they should offer a friendly answer that can be used by anyone to make decisions about their dental care. The people who can get their questions answered will feel much better about their dental care, and they are more likely to be loyal to the office. You are trying to create a number of different loyal customers who will offer referrals to friends and family. This is an important part of your business, and you must give the same care to the people who are leaving.

9. Treats And Statements

The kids in the office might get a treat, and they should be offered a kind closing by the staff up front. The adults who are dealing with scheduling and billing should feel much more comfortable because they have talked to the staff about things that are going on with their account. It is very easy for you to make your patients happy when they leave, and they will feel like the office cares about them.

10. What Happens When Your Front Office Staff Is Rude?

People feel betrayed when your front office staff is rude. They were on a website that was very nice to them, and they will feel much better about your business if the front end staff is nice. The front end staff should reflect what the website looks like, and they must offer all the options that were laid out on the website. Someone who wants to make their front end staff more friendly should try some customer service training that will make it easier for them to learn how to do the best job.

11. Prices

The prices in your office should not be discussed openly because they are typically not discussed on your website. The idea behind the prices is to give your customers a discreet bill that they can review without being surprised. The front end staff must be willing to talk to your patients about what they will get from your office, and they must be willing to take the time that is needed to make it easier for your patients to make decisions.

12. The Phone

The phone must be answered quickly, and you must have a script in the office so the people who answer the phone. You want the people up front to give people the most immediate service possible, and you should ask them to use their customer service voice so that the patient feels comforted when they call. The phone cannot ring off the hook while patients are there because they will be annoyed by the fact that the phone is always ringing when they are there, and they might stop coming due to this fact alone.

13. Emails

The front end staff must also respond to emails in a timely manner. People who have been to your office know who is working up front, and they will start to get frustrated with your office if their messages are never answered. You should take a look at what your procedure is for answering emails, and you must train your front end staff to be as responsive as possible. Emails are a very common form of communication, and you do not want to let patients down when they have serious questions.

14. A Consistent Image

You have done all these things so that you can have a consistent image that is easy for your patients to see. They need to feel like you have put a lot of work into customer care, and they must feel like they are part of the family. Someone who gets used to your front office staff will be pleased to see them every time they come to the office, and that is why you must also pay your front office staff well. They deserve raises, and they should be there for many years to come because the people who visit your office often get to know them better than they will get to know you.

15. Conclusion

The dental office that you are managing needs a lot of marketing help, but you must begin by making your front end staff behave just like your website. You need to create the image of a helper who knows how to give patients just what they need, and you must take a look at how the front end staff is presented. Do everything on this list so that your patients always enjoy coming to your office.

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