Redefining the Patient Experience with Digital Technology

How to Stay Connected With Patients In The Digital Age

While it might be a normal everyday saying for a lot of people, digital marketers and most business owners take this phrase very seriously when it comes to marketing their brand or product on the web. Staying on top of a customer’s mind highly influences their purchasing decisions and when it comes to dentists, with an average individual patient coming in twice a year, establishing yourself as the go-to dental practice in your area becomes all the more important to survive.

And how do you do that? By staying on top of your patient’s mind and building a solid relationship with them. Your competitors are always on a look-out to snatch your hard-earned patients by luring them with special discounts and all things imaginable, but if you have nurtured a substantial relationship with all your patients, chances are more that instead of choosing other dental practices in your area, they’ll choose you everytime, and even recommend your practice to their family and friends.

In this digital age, thankfully, there are a lot of platforms to stay in constant touch with your patients to nurture meaningful relationships and increase your brand recognition & loyalty at the same time. So, let’s look at some of the best ways of doing it –

Don’t Shy Away From Giving Them A Call

After you are done with treating your patients, you can ask your front end executive to give them a quick, casual call or you can ask for their feedback yourself. Doesn’t matter how you do it, just don’t shy away from giving them a call.

Asking for their valuable feedback about the quality of services provided to them marginally enhances their customer experience and in turn, helps you to fill some gaps in the way you provide your dental services. By directly asking your patients about the quality of their experience as a whole, it makes them feel like you value their feedback and makes the overall experience memorable for them.
Send Out Occasional Emails

Who said sending emails is a thing of the past? Sending engaging emails is still one of the best ways to stay ‘in sight’ of your patients. Just don’t spam or send irrelevant emails.

You can broadcast exclusive discounts, important information, newsletters, dental hygiene tips, appointment reminders or whatever you want, the bottom line is that it should be relevant to your dental patients.  

Email is a really personal space and it’s your responsibility to use it well. So, if you haven’t already, start collecting emails of the patients that come in your practice to get started with it.

Blogging Can Go A Long Way

Consistently providing useful content to your patients with the help of a blog is a great way to show your patients that you care about their problems. By providing solutions to all their dental problems on your blog, you can easily establish your practice as an authority in your niche, can spark meaningful conversations through it and build some strong relationships along the way.
Mark Your Presence On Social Media

I think it goes without saying that to stay at the top of your patients’ mind, you have to be present on the platform where your patients already are, and it’s undoubtedly social media.

You can be noticeable in the social media sphere by targeting the platforms where majority of your patients already are. In most cases, it will be Facebook and Twitter. Sharing engaging posts with your dental following makes your brand recognizable and your practice will pop-up in their mind whenever they or their friends are in need of dental services. On the above mentioned social media platforms, when it comes to dental marketing, services like Facebook Ads and Twitter Ads are a great way to reach all your patients in an instance and make an impact.   
Do Something Different
You can also go down the traditional route and send handwritten letters, flyers or postcards to all your patients to build a relationship with them. When almost all dental practices out there are focused on making a digital impact on their patients, you can possibly gain an edge by going ‘old-school’.

Alternatively, you can do something different like send birthday greetings and gifts, give a free consultation or treatment on a specific day, or give freebies to stand out from the competition and make a lasting impression on your patients.

If you are putting in some efforts to stay at the top of your patient’s mind, believe me they’ll notice!

So, having established the fact that staying in touch with your patients is indeed important, how do you plan on staying in touch with your patients in the digital age?

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