Outlook.com is a web-based e-mail service offered via Microsoft. It’s easy to get an Outlook.com account that too by going to the website and hitting the Sign-up Now option. Immediately after that, you have to enter the personal info, create an e-mail address, password. If you are using Outlook on the computer system, then you will get an excellent opportunity for accessing different types of email accounts in one place.

Apart from this, in case you are using Microsoft email account that is ending in @live.com, @outlook.com, @msn.com, or @hotmail.com; follow the instructions for adding your account to Outlook 2016.

Let’s move ahead by learning the process of adding a Hotmail account.

The way to add a Hotmail account in Outlook 2016:

  • Initially, you need to open Outlook on your computer system screen.
  • After that, on the File tab, you have to select Add Account.
  • Then you need to select an E-mail Account and enter your name.
  • After this, enter the address and password of your email account that you wish to add.
  • You have to retype the password and select Next.                                               Note: Your Outlook will automatically begin configuring the account.
  • On seeing the Congratulations! Message on the window, you have to choose Finish
  • And then you have to restart Outlook.                                                                      Note: Outlook will add your account and then automatically begins syncing your data.
  • On reopening your Outlook 2016 or 2013 account, you’ll find the account you added listed in the left pane.

Therefore, the benefits of using Outlook are:

  • You can manage multiple e-mail accounts at one place
  • The option of customizing common tasks into single-hit commands
  • The capability of managing large volumes of e-mail
  • The option of creating e-mail messages that capture the attention of people
  • You can receive voice mail transcripts in your mail inbox
  • The searching process is too easy and can get whatever you are looking for
  • You will stay connected to business and social networks
  • Initiating live conversations from your Outlook is possible
  • Your e-mail messages received to the intended audience

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