Fundamental features of a Wireless Security Camera System

Fundamental features of a Wireless Security Camera System

I am sure everyone will relate to the the fundamental importance of having security cameras in residential and commercial properties. Since most of the security cameras are now affordable and effective as a crime check, everyone want to install these cameras in their respective properties. In just  50 dollars, You can purchase one with the most basic functions and features. With increasing rate of crime, frauds and unethical elements, the need to have best security cameras has increased rapidly. 

There are lot of security camera systems that you can directly purchase from the web but before that, one need to know about the things to look for a good security camera system. Here goes the fundamental list:

Camera Resolution

Camera resolution plays an important part in recording videos. The quality of video depends upon the resolution of the camera. Greater the camera resolution, greater the quality of the video surveillance. 720p is usually high definition or HD while 1080p is the  full HD. Higher camera resolution consumes more battery life and Internet bandwidth.

Wifi range

WiFi range matters a lot as it decide the range of camera  where it can be moved. In most cases, strength of the signal  is strong enough to keep good connection for you cameras that are  installed around the house, office or any other kinds of property.

Night vision

Night vision is a standard for almost every security cameras. The capabilities of the night visions  vary with different types of the cameras. infrared (IR) is used in most of the night visions provided by these cameras. Other methods like thermal vision and image intensification are hardly used because they are very expensive.

Back up power

Experiencing power outages is not new. There must be a power backup in the security system because losing sight of the asset is the last thing you would want to happen. So you must consider this option while buying.

Memory Storage

A slot of physical memory storage in a security camera is very important as it prevent us to subscribe to any third party cloud storage. These cloud storage are good but it can only used with internet connection. You should use a cloud storage in case you are out for a vacation and need some extra space for your extended videos and many continuous shots.

Motion sensors

Motion sensors can not be compromised in any conditions. It’s usually turned on when there is no one  at home or office and you want your wireless security camera to seize videos or images of any moving suspicious object. You just have to edit  the settings a little bit to make it work fine. The sensor’s sensitivity should not be st too high as it can result in triggering false alarms which soon can become an annoyance.  

The above mentioned features are very basic and you should not buy anything less than this. There are many other features as well but the list goes on as per the requirements of the buyer. 

You should do proper research on the  loopholes of your security system that you want to fill and then, purchase accordingly. 

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