Elements of Effective Website Designing

Elements of Effective Website Designing

There is no place for the word superficial, not in marketing, at least. After all, what is appealing and substantial gets converted? Of all the marketing tools, one that can be the most impactful is the website. With attractive website design, you are one step closer to converting the visitor into a customer. Per Sweor, a user forms a positive or negative opinion of the brand within 0.50 seconds of visiting the website. 

But what are the components that make a website appealing enough for people to stay on it or leave it for a competing site? While different website designers have a different take on what form a website worthy of attracting and retaining customers attention, there is a set of elements that make the essence of a good site. 

Let us help you explain all the  pivotal elements that goes into making a website effective to hold the otherwise short span of their customers:


If your site is stuffed with a plethora of information, it will be sore to the visitor’s eyes. Information conveyed via images has more scope of being seen by the visitors. Be strategic in image placement, and you will observe an upscale in your website’s performance. 


Almost everybody has that moment where they need a particular piece of information, and they had read it on one specific website’s older posts. Search options come handy in such situations. Design a conventional search options button for enabling your users to get back to their favorite part of your website. 


A website is incomplete without a component that guides its visitors to take action further. When designing a call to action button, the designer must keep in mind certain impactful factors such as color, contrast. Other common call to action that you can place on your website are: sign up forms, free sessions, discounts, etc. 


There are certain conventional phrases that a visitor on a website looks for such as click here, contact us, buy now, etc. Website designers should take advantage of this habit of customer’s. 


Per Sweor, 2 sec of loading tie is what 47% of users expect from an average website. Slow loading website is one of the main reasons for the loss in sales. The website component to be blamed for this is the large file size, slow CSS, which a website designer must optimize to enhance a website’s performance. 


The line “we provide website designing solution” is not only blind but it also displays the lack of knowledge and skills of the brand. Your website should be able to strike a perfect balance between being aptly filled with information that helps people understand the concept and relate to your brand’s service better. There is no issue in being, but you should try to be a resource of information to the consumers so that they revisit your website or bookmark it for that specific subject. 


The navigation on your website should be easy. When a user visits the site, they should find the information they are looking for, quickly. The design should have the data flowing logically. Talking about accessibility., you should make sure that the website is mobile friendly and has a responsive layout to be able to quickly adjust to the screen in which the visitor is viewing. 

Going by the study mentioned in The Real Business of Website Design, 94% of negative website feedback was design related. This status is enough to upgrade your website by judiciously incorporating the elements mentioned above. But not every business has that kind of time and resources which are required for effective website designing, which is why it is advised to hire a website design company . 
Make sure that the strategy that the website design company implements to enhance your website are not merely focusing on the beauty of the site, but on functionality as well, which includes navigation, responsive, SEO optimization, the freedom to edit the content and more.

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