Are You Aware That The Nanoparticles Are All Around Us?

Are You Aware That The Nanoparticles Are All Around Us

Yes you’ve read it right, we are all living all around nanoparticles. Before revealing you how, tell us briefly about what are nanoparticles exactly. They are simply a bulk of material of constant properties, regardless of its size or shape. You could find nanoparticles from electronic devices to huge iron bridges.

We can encounter nanoparticles in literally everywhere. Many kinds of human activities and natural activities produce nanoparticles and you can find them easily in your day-to-day life. For instance, naturally occurring nanoparticles can be discovered in fine sand, dust, biological matter etc. matter made with Synthetic chemistry, also represent a mirror image of the natural occurring nanoparticles. The nanoparticles are used in diversified potential applications such as biomedical, optical, electronic fields.  

Nanoparticles have been revolutionized in multiple industries. Mechanical, medical, robotics, applied physics, to name a few. These have high potential to revolutionize commercial imaging techniques. The high-resolution molecular imaging use in MRI lacks in sensitivity. Here, nanoparticles can come a knight in shining armor. They can be engineered to have magnetic characteristics. These particular attributes can be detected at low concentration and in addition ligands target-specific molecule. The iron oxide nanoparticle is popularly known as superparamagnetic.

Let’s move ahead and talk future about iron oxide nanoparticle. Below we have mentioned some of the uses of these nanoparticles and nanopowder, for a better understanding:

  • Magnetic purposes: Magnetic nanoparticles with the use of an external magnetic field can be administered to an organ, and tissue. These can also be attached to drugs, proteins, antibodies etc and can be used in Hyperthermia. The iron oxide nanopowder has adversely been used in extensive research purposes. It has been applied in highly- density magnetic recording.

These are also used in manufacturing magnetic detection device. They are majorly applied in subtler detection devices.

  • Ferrofluids: The iron oxide nanopowder are use in manufacturing ferrofluids and magnetically active fluids for different application.
  • Microwaves: One of the many uses include its presence for producing and operations. various high-tech microwave devices
  • Magneto-optical applications: in addition to the applications we have already acknowledged, these iron oxide nanoparticles play a vital role in magnetically controlled drug, delivery, cell separation, refrigeration, medical imaging etc.

In addition to these functions, these nanoparticles cover a vast area of operations and potential chemical advantages. If you are curious to know further about technicalities of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles, we have mentioned elemental properties below, to widen your knowledge: 

Properties Hematite NP’s  (Fe2O3) Magnetite NP’s  (Fe3O4

Atomic weight (g/mol) 164.94 231.536

Density (g/cm3) 8.80 5.17 

Color Red brown Dark brown 

Specific heat (cal/gm) 25°C 0.039 0.79

Crystal Structure Cubic Rhombohedral

Although there are many already discovered theories, yet researchers are continuously searching for multiple other methods and proceedings to use these iron oxide nanoparticles.

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