A Complete Guide : How To Maintain Ipad Battery Life

Maintain Ipad Battery Life

Already apple is providing a great battery backup through which one can enjoy the device to its full potential. apple claimed that ipad battery can last upto 10 hours which is commendable. Still, after a particular period of time when battery reach the level where it is been charged huge number of times it leads to bit exhaustion.

Everything fades away with the time, technology is one of those things that needs to be maintained well in return to get the most out of it. Human can never get enough from time, money and battery.

There are some ways through which you can avoid the battery issue and enjoy the long life of your ipad battery. Here is the complete guide on how you can maintain the ipad battery efficiently by just organising your regular usage :-

1. Keep Wifi Off

Most of us usually make a mistake of keeping the wifi on even when it is not in use. Apple itself made a statement in which they advised users to turn off the wifi when they are not utilizing it. The reason behind this action is that ipad keep searching for network when the wifi is turned on. That results in battery drainage which eventually affect the battery future life.

2. Battery Hogs App

If you are noticing a sudden rapid battery draining problem then you should take a look at battery page in settings. It will give you the complete information on which app is using the most battery from last seven days or 24 hrs in your ipad. Remove those apps from ipad if they are not very crucial, if they are then try to reduce the usage of them as well as refresh those apps as soon as you done with their usage.

3. Stay Updated

Ipad frequently send users an update which tends to remove the bugs and lag of ios that users are experiencing in their device. This updates also include battery related issues which can get resolved if you update the device time to time. However, people are complaining about battery drainage issue in ios 11 software. Hopefully, apple will send an update soon to resolve the problem of customers.  

4. Eliminate Or Reduce The Motions & Animation Usage

Apple is generally not known for its features instead it is popular for the nature of keeping the device basic and bug free. Still, apple has introduced this feature that goes by the name parallax home screen. This means the background screen of your iphone and the apps in front can move in two distinct planes without depending on each other. This tends to drain battery faster than it should be, so if you find this feature not very much useful then its better to turn off. This will save almost 10 to 20% of your battery on a daily basis.

Bottom Line

The internet is filled with myths, misguiding people which leads to foolish decision. I would recommend you to start with the points i have mentioned in this article. Still, remember one thing every battery issue cannot get resolved by self. Sometimes the problem can be bigger than expected which needs the expert to fix the issue.

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