Wrongly accused of Sex offense? Know what you can do.

Wrongly accused of Sex offense? Know what you can do.

One can never fathom the gravity of pain a victim of a sex offense has been subjected to. But there is an increasing number of cases of false accusations of sexual assault wherein the suspected innocents are reprimanded with the same degree as the convict. The physical, mental and emotional trauma that the person who is wrongly accused goes through can be debilitating. The magnitude with which a false accusation can affect a person life can range from being outcast from social activities, to loss of job, and hampering one’s reputation in general.

Instead of thinking of engaging in a conversation with the other party, you should immediately consult a criminal offense lawyer who will guide you throughout the legal proceedings. Hence it is becoming essential to generate awareness about false sex offense accusation. 

Following are the various sex crimes under the federal jurisdiction in The United States of America:

  • Human Trafficking
  • Pornography violations
  • Sex Crime involving children
  • Sex abuse leading to death
  • Rape

Sex crimes in North Carolina depend upon the severity are listed as:

  • Sexual Battery

    First-degree rape

    Second-degree rape

  • Sexual Exploitation of a Minor

    First degree

    Second degree

    Third degree

  • Kidnapping

    First Degree

    Second Degree

Why are people accused of false sex offenses?

  • There are several hidden motives and reasons as to why one person falsely accuses the other person of a sex crime:
  • There have been instances where kids unaware of the gravity of the accusations allege some adult they dislike, of sexually assaulting them.
  • Most of the false accusation cases are a result of seeking revenge or getting back at someone for a thing of past or perceived wrongdoing. 
  • Another significant cause of false sexual offense accusation is the confusion in identification. The cases of false accusation are prevalent in scenario whether there are drug and alcohol involved.  
  • People involved in an extramarital relationship also try to wrongfully accuse their partner outside the marriage of sexual assault, when they are caught. 

What can you do if you are falsely accused of a sexual offense?

Considering it is challenging to represent oneself and prove your innocence on the ground of your words, that you did not do it, hiring a criminal offense lawyer would be a wise decision. Time is of the essence in the cases of sex offenses, hence consulting a criminal offense lawyer should be a prompt action for those wrongly accused. 

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