Worried About Your Loved One’s Well Being In Nursing Home ?

Worried About Your Loved One’s Well Being In Nursing Home ?

Nursing homes are institutions providing proper care and maintenance to the elderly or that they can relax and enjoy their golden days under professional supervision. But we always read or see some or other new channel showing the grim reality of nursing homes that have been hurling and inflicting abuses on the residents. This increasing number of nursing home abuse and neglect is the reason why we need to know about filing a lawsuit.

What is considered as nursing home neglect and abuse?

Nursing homes are long-term care facilities that are made for providing adequate care to the residents that comprise of old-age people. Any negligent or intentional act of the caregiver is it: physical, emotional or psychological demes them liable to court action on the ground of abuse inflicted on the residents.

The nursing home abuse is categorized as :

Physical Abuse: Hitting, pushing.
Mental: Verbal abuse.
Neglect: Not performing routine check-up for checking improvement or any decline in health, improper nutrition, unhygienic living conditions.
Sexual Abuse: Taking advantage of the limited mobility of the elderly residents under the pretext that they would be too embarrassed to narrate their affliction to fellow-residents.
Exploitation: Forcing residents to give them money for the favors.

How would you realize that your loved ones are being neglected or abused?

There is no set of limited tell-tale signs indicating towards negligence and abuse on the part of nursing homes. But the red flags mentioned below can help you identify when your loved ones are in physical or mental pain:


If on your regular visit to the facility, you notice your loved ones with an unexplained injury like broken bones, bruises, scratches, these are a clear indication of nursing home negligence. Every task performed by facility residents should be monitored so that they don’t end up getting hurt or gravely injured.


It is the core responsibility of a nursing home to provide adequate nutrition for every resident per their medical requirements. The staff should take care that elderlies are taking their medication in time and following a proper diet.


A good nursing home will make sure to address the lack of mobility issue that comes with growing age or other medical complications. If the facility does not encourage and engage its residents in exercising, walking, running, they may be prone to severe health issues. Lying or sitting on the bed all day can prove detrimental for their health.


The rules laid down by the state agency regulating nursing homes make it mandatory to ensure a safe and healthy living condition which includes clean beds, clean bathrooms, sanitary and comfortable living area. Not following the protocol and not providing proper health care would be considered nursing home negligence.

When you approach an injury lawyer for filing a lawsuit , be sure to ask the following questions to help you establish whether or not they would be able to help you out:

What rights are my loved ones entitled to being a nursing home resident?
How would I know if my loved one’s rights have been violated?
What are some of the clear red flags of nursing home negligence and abuse?
What can all damages my loved one files a lawsuit against the nursing home?
When is the right time to file a complaint with the agencies regulating nursing homes?

If you or someone you know has been a victim of nursing home abuse and neglect, immediately get in touch with the local injury lawyers that provide legal assistance in cases like work-related injuries, slip and fall, cruise accident, etc. Injury lawyers would be able to help you guide through the process, restore your emotional stability and help you And you loved one’s get the best compensation offer they so rightfully deserve.

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