As per the law no, 11 of Dubai Health Insurance Law, health insurance is mandatory for every resident of Dubai. Dubai Health Authority (DHA) is the authority responsible to make the policies regarding the health insurance and coverage in the emirate. This has caused an increase in the cost of premium and overall cost of buying insurance. According to the law, the basic plan gets the beneficiary a coverage of about Dh150,000 leaving the beneficiary liable to pay only 20% of the total bill.

To help residents in choosing the right insurance plan, the authority has put up a section of “ISAHD Community Market Place” where 40+ plans are listed from various insurance providers for residents to compare and choose from.

However, there are many factors that go into comparison. Here are a few things you should keep in mind while comparing and buying the best plan: 

  1. Coverage

    The first and foremost factor to compare the plans on is the coverage they provide. Coverage here can be seen in 2 aspects: geographical coverage as well as the financial cover. You would want a policy that gives national or even international coverage if you travel a lot both intra as well as internationally. Additionally, the financial coverage provided by the policies can vary from the DHA set minimum of Dh15,000 to as much as Dh35,000 or more annually. However, usually, the premiums of the wide coverage plans cost higher.
    The benefits coverage also makes for one of the most important factors. Go through the exclusions list of the policy so as to avoid buying a plan that does not cover what you need it to.
  2. Hospital Network Under The Insurance

    Quite understandably, the higher the price of the plan, the wider the network of hospitals under them. However, this does not always mean a better thing for every customer. You don’t need a long list of hospitals or clinics you can go to with your insurance. What’s more important is to check whether your nearby or trusted medical facility is under the network or not. It not only adds convenience but can prove to be a savior in case of an emergency.

  3. Grounds For Discount, If Any

    Many insurance companies provide discounts on various grounds to their existing as well as new customers. Make sure you discuss the discounts and the grounds for them with the insurance career before finalizing the policy. The grounds are usually easy to fulfill making you eligible to get some great benefits.

  4. Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

    According to the Dubai Health Insurance Law, pre-existing conditions are to be covered under the insurance policy. But the difference is that some companies provide 100% coverage while others cover only the conditions post a particular pre-determined time. Make sure you ask your insurance career about it and make it a point to disclose all of your pre-existing conditions to avoid any kind of issues during claims. 

While deductibles, co-insurance cost, and premium cost make for the factors compared by the customers before anything else, the above-mentioned factors also play an important role in deciding how beneficial the plan is for you and how much it’ll cost you overall. However, finding a plan ideal for you and your family can be quite tricky and tiresome. But there are various online portals that help connect customers with providers to make the process easier. Expert advice can help you get the best plan saving you a lot in a long run.

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