Latest Technical Advancement in Medical Alert Systems

Latest Technical Advancement in Medical Alert Systems

Life expectancies have increased considerably in the past 50 years and by the year 2030, people can be expected to live into their 80’s. This growth in the senior citizen population will demand more caregivers and services as the trend is toward more seniors living out their final years at home. However, some seniors will need constant monitoring and it will become difficult for supply to meet the demand. To address this issue, many companies are turning to technology to provide safety and security to older adults.

One of those companies is Careline Alarms. Careline is one of the UK’s busiest personal alarm providers, making thousands of senior citizens feel more comfortable in their homes. Whether a senior lives alone or with family, he or she can remain as independent as possible because the Careline 365 is active 24/7. The system is monitored by reliable professionals who understand how to respond when alerted and will either call a family member or contact emergency services in more dire situations.

Careline Alarms offers a high quality system using the latest in plug and play technology. The unit consists of a pendant which can be worn around the wrist or neck and the alarm base. The base plugs into the home’s landline telephone and the signal is sent as quickly as a simple phone call. The user presses the red button in case of emergency and the monitor speaks to the user through the alarm base to determine the nature of the emergency and the proper response.

There is also an optional fall detector pendant which is a more specific device and is most appropriate for those with mobility issues. This pendant can be purchased separately or in a package with the medical alarm. If a falling event occurs, an automatic signal is sent to the response team who immediately dispatch emergency medical personnel. The system has an optional key safe box for secure entry if no one is available to unlock the door.

Because Careline Alarms uses state of the art technology, the entire process of getting help can take less than 10 minutes. All units are durable and waterproof and the speaker is loud enough to be heard throughout the home. The systems are easy to install and just require the pressing of one button to call for help. You can take advantage of a Careline system by enrolling in a monthly plan or an annual contract which saves you some money. Either way, you will feel safe knowing that you or your family member is protected by one of technology’s newest and best. When you have a relationship with Careline, you will be assured that your monitor is close by and you will never worry about being home alone.

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