Scars on the skin are marks of what a person has been through with all their strength and conviction, but sometimes scars are painful reminders and should be removed if possible. Scars on the face, of acne or bruises, dark circles or unwanted hair are the cause of worry and embarrassment for a lot of people. One might look for the best acne creams or best eye cream for dark circles or bleaches, but these do not get results that are appealing, instead, they may get worse and cause serious skin issues upon continued usage. However, LASER (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) has solved this problem for a lot of people with its ease and efficiency in getting rid of scars without pain or post surgery trauma to the skin.There are several kinds of lasers available that are used by doctors depending upon the needs of the patients. Broadly, laser involves removing the damaged skin cells in order to encourage the growth of new cells that are healthy. The number of laser sessions required also depends on the potency of the laser in use and the status of the scars that need to be removed. Surgery scars, acne scars, scar tissues and keloids, as well as tattoos can be removed with the help of this radical method.Lasers are excellent at removing scars like acne and pigmentation spots as they do so leave behind no trace whatsoever. Keloids and scar tissues require several sessions to be removed properly but the results are definitely satisfactory.Tattoo removal depends upon their size and nature and the quality of ink used. The deeper a scar is on the skin, the harder it is to remove. Issues that do not permeate into the interior layers of skin can be easily tackled with lasers. Blisters, swelling, darkening pinpoint bleeding and redness may be symptoms post treatment but these are temporary and usually subside within a couple of weeks. Those who have experienced the results of the procedure are elated and satisfied with them. They agree that no other method of scar removal has given outcomes that compare to that of a laser treatment. It yields permanent results in a short period of time that is noticeable and does not have a negative impact on the skin.
Laser treatments may cause hyperpigmentation or hypopigmentation depending upon the texture and type of skin and might require a physician’s specialised assistance. The treatment may temporarily or permanently change the skin type and hence the products used on the skin must be changed and tested to be appropriate post laser. Sensitivity to sunburn increases a lot and doctors strictly recommend avoid stepping out in the sun after treatment as this can be very harmful to the skin.Properly taking care of the skin during and post laser treatment will ensure not only that the scars are removed but also helps to keep the skin healthy and maintain the glow owing to the procedure.