Helping Myself Out Of Depression One Day At A Time

Helping Myself Out Of Depression One Day At A Time

Dealing with depression is a battle more gruesome than it is given credit for. Even menial things become too energy demanding and before you’re out of the shower, you’re too short of energy to deal with any other thing. I started my journey into this downward spiral about 4 years ago and it took me about 7 months to realise that maybe I do need help. But knowing you need help and actually seeking for it, are two different things. 

Another 5 months were spent postponing making an appointment and with every passing day, I became more and more scarce of energy. And it wasn’t until I broke down in a subway that I realised I have to stop postponing and get medical attention. 

Invest your energy 

After months of medication, hoping to wake up energetic one morning, what I realised, a little later in my journey through it, is that when it comes to depression, energy works like a successful investment. The only way to get more is to invest the amount you have. 

You may feel that you don’t have any. But just a little productivity can turn that thought around. I found that in doodling. I would turn my fairy lights on and in that dim light, keep thinking about doodling until I would finally gather enough energy to get off the bed and get a pen and a pad. 

Don’t get me wrong. It wasn’t always that I could gather that kind of strength. Too many nights I failed and cried myself to sleep. But the next day, I would try again. And, although not initially, more often than not, I succeeded. 

Understand What You’re Dealing With

Therapies and medicines do help, we all know that. But they only work if you let them and help them in the process. The best help is still natural help for depression. I started therapy 3 years ago. I changed 4 doctors before I could realise that it isn’t the doctors that aren’t able to help me, it’s literally me stopping them. So I decided to take up online courses instead to develop an in depth knowledge of depression. 

Understanding the concepts and technicalities of what I was dealing with helped me stop hindering others’ attempts at helping me and gradually joining them in it. 

A Setback Isn’t Forever

Therapy and online courses do not mean that you’ll never have setbacks again. Even after 3 years of constant therapy, I tend to have many bad days. But that doesn’t mean I wasted my time and money on them. They enabled me to recover from those bad days and help myself cope in a better and healthy way while understanding that I am strong enough to bounce back from such setbacks and control my triggers and that is how I help myself out of depression, one day at a time. 

If you are going through a tough time yourself, I recommend checking out online courses like this one because it’s very important to comprehend the technical aspect of depression in order to accept help in a better way and to develop a self helping mechanism for yourself and online courses are a good way to do so. 

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