Thick lashes are a thing that we women are crazy about. However, putting on fake eyelashes every morning is hectic, time consuming and dangerous if done recklessly. 

But wait, lack of time shouldn’t come in the way of thick eyelashes to help us fly away from out problems! The solution is eyelash extension. Here, in South Yarra, extensions have become very popular among women.

But before you head out to your salon appointment, here are few things to know about eyelash extension: 

Types Of Extension 

There are usually four types of eyelash extensions used by most lash bars :

  • Synthetic : Synthetic extensions are the most firm extensions and thus can keep their curls in a better way. They’re shiny and a good option for those looking for a dramatic effect. However, they are heavy and cannot stay for long duration. 
  • Silk : Silk extensions are not as firm as the synthetic ones. They’re a bit softer and lighter and thus can stay on for longer. 
  • Faux Mink : Faux mink are the most used extensions. Preferred by both customers as well as professionals, these lashes do not set a dramatic look but imitate natural lashes. Since they are very light, they are great for long term use. 
  •  Mink : Real mink extensions are the softest and lightest option, and thus stay on for the longest duration. But, they aren’t curled and thus need to be curled at home regularly. Also, they come with the guilt of animal cruelty. 

Is It Painful? 

The process of getting eyelash extension requires you to keep your eyes closed. Thus there is little to no danger involved. However, the glue used should be chosen carefully and keeping in mind the skin sensitivity of the customer. The process isn’t supposed to be painful at all. BUt if you feel any kind of itching or pain, you should inform the professionals immediately and stop the procedure. 


when to redo, do they fall off? Touch up? Keep water away for 12 to 24 hours, don’t apply mascara at the roots of lashes

Eyelash extension doesn’t need as much maintenance as you’d think. There are only a few small things you need to take care of. You may want to keep your lashes away fro water for around 12 to 24 hours of their application. This can loosen the grip of the glue and the lashes may fall off. But once the glue is set, the lashes do not fall off completely, but shed away like with your natural lashes. 

Also, if you want to wear mascara, try avoiding the lash roots while applying it. Usually a touch up is suggested every 5-6 weeks

Your Natural Eyelashes?

Ladies! You don’t need to worry about your natural lashes at all. Extensions do not damage them at all. Just take care of them as your natural lashes and do not plug them or rub too hard. That may cause damage to your extensions as well as natural lashes. 

Contact Skilled and Experienced Professionals 

Eyes are sensitive and need to be handled carefully.  There shouldn’t be any heedlessness or mistakes while applying the extensions as that can lead to infections and other serious problems. An expert lash artist will not only make sure you get your desired results, but also make the whole process very safe. 

Since extensions are attached to single strands of the natural lashes, it takes about 45 minutes to an hour depending on how thick you want your lashes. But once it’s done, it all seems worth it. Research about good salons and professionals near you before booking an appointment and get ready to get some compliments girl!

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