Ground Coffee vs Instant Coffee – Have you been choosing the wrong one?

Ground Coffee vs Instant Coffee - Have you been choosing the wrong one

A did-you-know fact before we get into the technicalities – Caffeine is the most popular psychoactive substance in the whole world! Coffee has been a saviour for many, since forever. Be it a night before an exam day, or a book marathon of your favorite author, or maybe beginning of a dull day – Coffee has helped us through tough times and is dutifully doing so. But when the question comes of how much do we really know about our coffee, our love feels a bit uninformative! Don’t you worry, this article will push you ahead of fellow coffee-lovers.

The History – Coffee is older than you think

Like with many ancient things, there is a vague boundary surrounding the actual origin date/ year of coffee. The first few pieces of substantial evidence referring to the origin of Coffee, are dated to as early as 15th Century at Sufi Monasteries in Yemen. Yemenis gave it an Arabic name qahwa; a word that led to coining of the word coffee and cafe. Coffee, even when it was discovered, was used by Sufi saints to keep them awake at night for chanting mantras and praying; not much different than how it is used today!

As matter of fact, Mocha – the popular coffee type, is based on the name of a port city in Yemen which was a huge marketplace of coffee. It is believed that Mocha is the place from where coffee propagated to other places like Egypt and parts of North Africa. Coffee travels a long road before it reaches us, initially from Coffee cherries to roasted Coffee Beans, and then as the ground or instant coffee that we drink.

Processing of Coffee Beans: Ground Coffee and Instant Coffee

Coffee starts as a seed of coffee cherry that turns dark red upon ripening. These cherries are then handpicked and all taken for further processing. The processing of these cherries is quite a time-taking process and it takes a lot of patience to keep the quality of coffee. The way of processing has an impound impact on the final coffee parameters. Red ripe coffee cherries contain green colored coffee beans that peeled off their covering during processing. Next in the line comes hulling, and sorting/ grading of these beans.

After these green beans are sorted, they are sent for roasting. These coffee beans are, then, roasted at different temperatures depending on the expected final product. For example, coffee beans roasted at a temperature of 468 ℉ yield is called French Roast and has a burnt flavor whereas, the same coffee beans roasted at a temperature of 446 ℉ yield an even colored balanced coffee known as Full City Roast.

These roasted beans, when packaged, make Ground Coffee. Ground Coffee can be pre-ground or they can be sold as beans. Buy Ground Coffee from a reputed online store to relish the taste of quality coffee at your home. Instant Coffee, on the other hand, doesn’t stop here! Instant coffee is brewed concentrated coffee which is then dehydrated. This makes it enough water soluble to be brewed instantly. (Hence its name) The difference in manufacturing process creates two different products – Instant Coffee and Ground Coffee, a thing that not all of us knows!

The Difference: Ground Coffee vs Instant Coffee

Let’s begin with few numbers. 80% of UK households use Instant Coffee, especially the ones with elderly citizens. In this light-fastening era, Instant Coffee is becoming a popular choice. Ground Coffee, on the other hand, is gaining popularity among millennials.

Starting with the time factor, Instant Coffee just needs a cup of hot water to be ready for serving while brewing coffee needs practise, cleaning equipment, and at least a few minutes of preparation times. So, people prefer Instant Coffee to avoid going through the learning curve of brewing Ground Coffee. Besides this, with the differences in their processing, Unlike Instant Coffee, Ground Coffeeis freshly brewed and has a richer taste. Instant Coffee costs less than Ground Coffee.

Given the cost and the learning curve of brewing a Ground Coffee, people tend to prefer Instant Coffee. But for those who really care about essence, and aroma along with the taste of a coffee choose to invest their time in their coffee. Buy Ground Coffeefrom trusted stores to avoid any bad experiences. Better yet, choose a reputed online store to get quality ground coffee delivered to your doorsteps within 24 hours.

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