Coffee Doesn’t Dehydrate You

Coffee Doesn’t Dehydrate You

Busting more such myths on how coffee affects your health

Nothing like waking up to a good cup of joe.  The aroma and the flavor are sufficient to relieve you of all the things you have been stressed about the whole day and prepare you for what going to happen in the next 24 hour. 

Per reports published by British Coffee Association, UK’s coffee consumption has spiked to 95 million cups a day in 2018, up from 70 million in 2008. Despite the stars, there are several misconceptions about how coffee affects human health which is a  spoiler for the ardent coffee drinkers. While some believe the claims of coffee in promoting a healthier lifestyle, some cease enjoying it owing to several negative misconceptions:

Today we are going to debunk some of the myths associated with coffee regarding how it affects our health:

  • Let’s start with the widespread misconception, i.e., Coffee consumptions lead to dehydration. Yes, drinking coffee can have a diuretic effect on your system, but that in no way means your body will be dehydrated. So don’t worry about the loss of body fluid and drink your coffee in moderation.
  • Another misconception is about how caffeine is an addictive substance, with some claiming the withdrawal to be similar to that of alcohol or any other drug.  We would suggest you take this statement with a rock of salt. If you have been thinking of giving up coffee, you might have slight headaches or mild irritability, which would be over-statement when compared to drug dependency. Caffeine is not addictive and does not pose any threat to an individual physical or mental well-being. 
  • If you have been chugging down mugs of coffee in a day with a hope that you might lose those extra pounds someday, then we hate to break it to, but you are being misled. While there’s no doubt that coffee is a stimulant and is an ingredient of weight loss pills, there’s no research that can be concrete proof to this statement. 
  • You all must have heard, “Coffee can help bring down the impact of alcohol.” This statement does not have any research to support it and hence must not be believed. However, scientists have pressed upon the fact that mixing caffeine and alcohol can be detrimental for health. 
  • The most common misconceptions about coffee are how it can affect our sleeping habits. Coffee has been log linked t resulting in insomnia. The truth is more of a piece of advice which is not to consume at least six hour before you plan on sleeping. Coffee is a stimulant and might disturb your nap time, but it is expelled from your body within 5 hours of consumption; hence it does not contribute to insomnia. 

Now that we have established that these misconceptions don’t hold any truth, why not give your mind the much-deserved rest and treat yourself with some fresh coffee beans online. We would recommend you purchase one or more coffee beans bags from online stores where you can be sure of the authenticity of the coffee beans and can buy from a variety of coffee beans at a reasonable price. Whether you want coffee beans for your home or your cafe, online stores are one stop solution for all your coffee needs.

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