A healthy skincare regimen is not complete without natural cosmetics and handmade organic skincare products. Why? The answer lies in the benefits of the ingredients of these products and the fact that they include no toxins or chemicals. 

No doubt, organic ingredients greatly improve our skin, but there are some ingredients that are nothing less than miracles. However, due to their rare nature, they are quite expensive and so are the products made out of them.

Here are some of these rare organic ingredients that have mesmerising effects on your skin and body: 

Organic Ajwa Date Stone Coffee
  1. Organic Ajwa Date Stone Coffee

    Ajwa dates are known, although not by many, for their positive effects on the cardiovascular health of the body. The stones of these Arabic dates have as many health benefits as the date itself. They’re usually roasted and ground into a fine aromatic powder and used as a caffeine-free alternative to coffee for a healthy energy boost. Ajwa date stones are rich in antioxidants and give your skin and hair a healthy glow. The most expensive and rich ajwa dates are from Saudi Arabia’s second holiest city of Madina. They’re also gluten-free and thus the best organic skincare brand uses them as a major ingredient in their products.
  2. Sidr Honey

    Sidr honey is a miraculous medical honey from Yemen and is referred to as “liquid gold” in The Middle East and rightly so, given the rich golden color and exorbitant health benefits of this rare syrup. It has a PH close to the human body, which it helps it to be absorbed very quickly by the blood stream. From treating all kinds of skin problems, such as dryness and acne to preventing ailments, such as an upset digestive system, sinus infections and stomach ulcers, this cure-all honey has earned a reputation in the health and food industry for being simply amazing. Sidr honey can be used topically as well as consumed orally.

  3. Zamzam Water

    This rarely used ingredient is a gem that the beauty industry is yet to discover.Beautique is the only skincare brand in the world that uses Zamzam water in their handmade organic skincare products. Shopkeeper presents its customers with products infused with this rare, mineral-rich water, which is considered to be the purest water on earth by scientists and is extremely rare as there’s only one place to get it from, Makkah in Saudi Arabia. 
  1. Madina Roses

    Used as a detoxifying ingredient in Azara’s skincare products, these rich pink rosebuds are also added to herbal teas as a rich source of Vitamin C. These roses have anti-inflammatory properties and a rich source of antioxidants, making it an ideal ingredient in any skin care product for healthy and bright skin.

  2. Frankincense and Myrrh 

Obtained from the barks of Boswellia Sacra and Commiphora trees in Oman, these gum resins are used in skincare products for their antiseptic and healing properties. The resins are also available to buy in organic form and burned over hot coals. Their rich aroma is known to have positive psychological effects and also help ailments, such as headaches, stress and anxiety. The resins are also anti-inflammatory and help in preventing various digestive issues and help promote the healthy functioning of the respiratory and circulatory systems.
Natural ingredients used in skincare are beneficial for not just skin but for the entire body. You can obtain these special ingredients in their organic form from Beautique and consume them for internal health.

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