A lot of people think that depression is being sensitized a lot on the internet. Although the trending meme culture has somewhat distorted the truths of depression and anxiety, it has made talking about these topics openly more easy and less scary. People suffering from depression have experienced that talking about it openly has made them stronger and better in dealing with it. While it may not help cure depression, talking and adding a twist of humour, if that makes you feel comfortable, just helps making it easier to cope and let out the feelings in a healthier way.

But other than talking, there are a few more things you can do to get through those dark days and stand your ground in this exhausting battle :

  1. Word Your Feelings

Depression messes up our entire thought process. We aren’t able to pinpoint what exactly we’re feeling except that it’s very low and not good. But wording your feelings will help you clear your thoughts.  You can do that by either talking or writing or even doodling or painting or singing or anything. This ensures that your emotions are getting a healthy channelling. It does take efforts to start, but once you do, it gets easier and easier by the day. 

  1. Exercise

Every doctor, counselor or therapist will tell you this because it works wonders. Working out releases endorphins and improves blood flow and thus helps in alleviating the symptoms of depression and improve mood. Regular exercise has been proved to be helpful in curing depression in a long run and reduce anxiety significantly. 

  1. Tidy Your Room

Truth be told, I did not think it would work either. But boy! On bad days, things as little as a clean bed and organised room give immense relief and helps you feel better. Organising your room or bookshelf or kitchen will give you a sense of productivity and help you feel a little better immediately. Don’t try to negate these little achievements and let that good feeling sink in. It’s the street towards more productivity. 

  1. Get Dressed

This one may seem silly, but getting dressed does help you get out of your gloomy mood. While it does take efforts and needs you to get out of your bed, which isn’t always easy in depression, once you’re bathed and in clean clothes, you’ll immediately feel better and a little more energetic. So get dressed and admire yourself in the mirror for a few minutes because it is a proven fact that seeing things of beauty help set you in good mood. 

  1. Online Courses

Online courses may not be therapy but they help you build an understanding of the challenges you’re facing and thus enable you to deal them in a better way. Finding help online is a good start towards the long path of self help for depression. 
Dealing with depression is a tiring and confusing job and while self help is the best help, knowing your limitations is very important. Learn about depression and understand the technicalities of your issue to better equip yourself. However, burning yourself out trying to ignore signs of needing outside help will only worsen the problem in the long run.

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