3 Comfort Foods That Have Been With Me Through Thick And Thin

3 Comfort Foods That Have Been With Me Through Thick And Thin

Let’s accept it, we’re all guilty of covering our stress and pain with food every now and then. Food that gives us the warm feeling by treating our taste buds, our eyes and sometimes our insta feed as well. Everyone has a list of food items that they crave when in stress. For some, it’s chocolate or other such packed food items, for others, like me, certain very specific freshly cooked (or baked) food does the magic. 

I have personally been through a lot of tough time and have used food to feel a little better. My personal list of comfort food that have been with me through thick and thin include the following foods that are worth a try for everyone:

  1. Flan

    If you have a sweet tooth like me, you are going to love flan. The first time I made a flan was when I read the best flan in the world recipe on a blog that I follow. The recipe is very simple and all the ingredient are usually already available in your kitchen, especially if you love cooking, like me. The rich aesthetics of the flan are bound to make you feel better which will only enhance once the spoon full of that caramel treat goes into your mouth and the creamy layer melts right away while you chomp on the crunchy layer.

  2. Homemade Nacho Dish

    If you’re not too much into cooking but love yourself a quick and easy to make snack, nachos are your best bet. While there are other ways to play with nachos to turn them into fascinating dishes, this one’s quite simple and yet enough to play with all your taste buds. All you need is some nacho crisps and every kind of sauce or dip or topping that you love. I would die for sour cream and thousand island dip. So I add about 4-5 kinds of dips on the layer of nachos followed by another layer of the crisps. You can add olives, jalapenos, paprika and other vegetables if you want. DOn’t forget that nachos never go well without a good salsa dip.

  3. Grilled Cheese Sandwich With A Twist

    Who doesn’t love grilled cheese? You can never go wrong with this classic dish. However, you’re allowed to play with it a little. So I did. I added some finely dice-chopped onions, jalapenos, tomatoes into cheese spread instead of cheese slice. A pinch of black pepper along and salt and world’s simplest yet yummiest stuffing is ready. Stuff it between breads and saute the sandwich, both sides in salted butter. What you get is called the most gorgeous and tasty attire of carbs.

While I’m not in favor of promoting Jill like behaviour (Mom, Season 5, Episode 1), stress food with some sad music can be a good and healthy way to channelise your sad feelings. The best way still remains facing the issue and sorting it one thread at a time, but good food is definitely a help we all could use.

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