How Much Can You Save with Used Office Furniture?

How Much Can You Save with Used Office Furniture

There is no definite answer really. It all depends on how big your office is and other factors such as the kind of furniture you need. The bottom line however, is the fact that you can save as much as 50% of what you would have spent on new office furniture. For that to happen, you need to focus on the following.

Determine what you need

Desks, filing cabinets, chairs and cubicles

There are basics you cannot do without. Desks, filing cabinets, chairs and cubicles are good examples of such basics. Figure out the number of units you will need. Then decide the maximum amount you would wish to spend on each piece.

Find a good dealer

This sounds simple but it is not. With the many dealers of used office furniture in Houston, finding one that can offer you value for money can easily be a challenge. Your best bet is to ask for referrals from anyone within your social circles who has had a positive experience with used office furniture dealers. Be sure to also find out if your dealer has a good reputation online.

Consider your staff

Consider your staff

A start up with at least 25 employees can call for up to $250,000 in new furniture alone. Not so with used furniture. Outfitting such an enterprise with used furniture can cost at least $150,000.

Consider furniture quality

Consider furniture quality

This is where brands come into the picture. High end brands have been known to last for long. Not all of them offer this perk though. So when buying, do not look at the price tag alone. Consider too the brand of the used furniture you want to purchase. The most respected brands will retain their luster and allure for a long time. Go for such.

Start small

You do not have to buy everything at once. Most successful business today actually started with the basics. So get the chair and the table first. Then ensure your staff is comfortable. With such basics, you can add a few pieces of furniture gradually until your office is fully furnished.

Always compare prices

Think of your search for used office furniture as the window shopping experience people often go through when buying used cars. You have to compare prices. This can easily be done online. If and where time allows it, you can request for quotes just to see who offers the best deals in town.

Remember cheap is expensive

office furniture clearance sale

That is, beware of extremely cheap offers. More often than not, such offers are clearance sales for items that have stayed at the store for too long. Go for them if you have to but by all means, exercise due diligence.

All the aforementioned factors can easily make your search for used office furniture simple, quick and even fun. The most important thing is to set aside a decent budget.

Then like already explained, be patient with the whole process especially if you are on a tight budget. The very last thing you would want is to realize that you would have saved more if only you planned your budget and stuck to it.

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