Do you want your child to read more? Are you tired of trying every possible solution to encourage excellent reading habits but have been disappointed again and again? 

When your child has trouble reading, it can greatly affect his or her performance in many subjects. Poor reading comprehension can lead to low self-confidence, frustration and poor academic performance. 

What is Reading Comprehension?

Reading comprehension is the ability to read a sentence or written words and process the real ideas and meaning behind them. In simple terms, reading comprehension is the ability of an individual to recognize the sentences or written words and make sense of the overall idea. 

However, the difficulty with reading comprehension is something that can be improved with developing regular reading practices. By making a few changes to where and how your child reads, while following regular reading practices, you can significantly improve your child’s reading comprehension, thereby making reading a fun activity.

So, how can you help your child become a better reader? Here are few reading strategies that can definitely boost reading comprehension in your child! Scroll down to check them out:


Oftentimes, difficulty in reading comprehension results due to the fact that a student is just not interested in what he or she reads. In fact, kids love to read more with interest if they could get the material they liked. As previously mentioned, the best secret to become a flawless reader is the regular practice. Well, sometimes the practice can become much easier when a student actually is interested in what she or he is reading.


A library is an excellent place to explore new books and other reading materials for free. Taking your child to the local libraries in your area in order to borrow books or spending a quiet reading time there is another way that helps him or her improve reading comprehension. Try to balance your child’s playtime with quality reading excursions.


Making connections with things that your child already knows while she or he is reading a book can really help sharpen his or her focus and deepens the understanding. If the book mentions the places you and your child have visited together, then discuss the memories of those places. It’s always good to remind your child that excellent readers make connections with what they read.


Developing the reading skills and comprehension of your child is a task that parents can do at home each day. However, for students who need extra improvements, reading comprehension tutoring center is one of the best options. A reading comprehension tutor can help your child improve these skills even more that helps them become fluent and independent readers.

The bottom line, many of the above-mentioned tips can be summarized in one phrase- regular reading practice.