So you’ve decided to homeschool your kid and are a newcomer to the entire homeschooling or you just need to find another homeschooling curriculum for the upcoming year. Well, either way, it’s a difficult path and this article is meant just for you to help you guide through the process of choosing the right homeschool curriculum.

Here are a few things you should ponder upon while looking for a curriculum:

Your Kid’s Needs

The most important thing you need to focus on as a homeschooling parent is the needs of your kid. If your kid has special needs, make sure the curriculum you choose is in sync with these needs. Moreover, as the kids grow, it becomes clearer which subject they’re excelling in and which one needs more attention. Choose a curriculum that focuses on each subject equally to help you maintain a regularity in subject-wise growth. If need be, take the help of additional resources in case your kid needs more attention in any particular subject(s).

Your Homeschooling Approach

There are several approaches to homeschooling including unit studies, all in one curriculum, structured and unstructured approach among others. The framework of the curriculum for each one may differ profusely. Thus decide on a particular approach before deciding on a homeschool curriculum.
Recently, the eclectic approach to homeschooling has become the preferred method because of the level of growth it provides a scope for and the freedom of customization it allows.However, it requires a much stronger grip on the concept of homeschooling and an attentive selection which may seem a bit unnerving to some homeschooling parents.


Never choose a homeschool curriculum without going through its reviews. Reviews can help you develop a better understanding of the pros as well as cons of the curriculum. Once you know how the curriculum worked for other parents, you can decide better whether the cons are compromisable and can be overcome or not. Compare multiple curriculums and only then choose the one that is fit for your needs. You can even resort to parenting blogs of homeschooling parents to know which one is working for them so as to get a direction. 

Consider A Tailor-Made Curriculum

More often than not, there are chances you may not find your ideal curriculum. The solution is to not just drop the idea of homeschooling but to look for a custom-made homeschool curriculum. Hire a professional or look for online resources to frame a tailor-made curriculum for your kid. This option gives you a lot of freedom, but with freedom comes a lot of responsibility. You have to ensure whatever you add in or skip adding to your curriculum, should be abiding by the laws and guidelines of the government. Moreover, ensure a good balance within the subject matter for a better overall learning process.

Depending on your method and attentive research, homeschooling can prove to be a lot less expensive than regular public/private schooling. The home-schoolers’ community has made available many resources to help their fellow homeschoolers for free. Use these resources. Lok for free test papers and worksheets to keep a track of the progress without spending an extra buck. Constant effort with a little bit of discipline can improve the overall experience of homeschooling considerably for both the kid as well as the parents. 

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