All You Wanted To Know About Milk Hauling Companies

All You Wanted To Know About Milk Hauling Companies

Milk Hauling companies have made a significant contribution to the success of milk industry. Milk haulers are trained and they specialize in forming an integral link between the dairy farms and milk processing industries. Their importance is immense. To ensure the prosperity of milk industry, it is crucial to become familiar with sanitary standards, food safety regulations, weight and measures proficiency. 

Milk hauling companies have been incredibly useful in setting up and the success of Milk industry. Now these companies employ tractor trailers, the major reason of which is fewer dairy farms and the closure of milk plants leading to longer distances between the milk processing plants and dairy farms. 

Duties of Milk Haulers

A milk hauler is not only the driver of the milk hauling tractor trailer. He has to perform various other duties such as a milk sampler and milk weigher. The milk hauler also acts as the contact person for any organization or company that purchases or markets bulk amount of milk. 

The amount of milk production varies all year round. During the few months, the milk production is less whereas in other part of the year it is high. To meet the increasing demand of milk supply, the milk hauling companies have a crucial role to play. During the high production season, they work to supply the milk fluids to areas they do not cover when the supply of milk is less. The route of milk haulers is determined by the plant getting schedules which is mainly intended to to lessen the distance of driving or optimize the routes for maximum efficiency. 

The milk hauler weighs the milk, checks for the milk temperature, records the milk volume and its percentage of components. The milk processing industry will run the milk sample through a series of tests determining the components, bacterial count, and sample’s freezing point. Also the presence of antibiotics in significant amount is tested by the processing industry. These industries rarely reject the sample if they find reduced component level or even for high quantities of SCC. However, a positive test for antibiotics will lead to milk sample rejection. 

Milk Hauling companies have an important role

It is clear that milk sample brought in milk hauling companies is extremely important. Every farmer’s sample requires strict checking and these companies employ haulers that must be trained in procedures aimed at correct sampling. Post collecting the milk sample, the milk hauler will pump the entire milk to the tank-trailer or to the tank using the transfer hose. The milk hauler after transferring the entire milk will wash the milk house floor and rinsing the tank which can be done by merely pressing a switch to operate the automatic system of CIP. 

This daily routine of a hauler is for every single farm he visits and later transporting the milk to the designated milk processing plant. Milk hauling companies have a crucial role in transportation of quality milk supply to processing plants. The implementation of new technologies in such companies has indeed helped in easy supply of milk and growth to milk industry.

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