Customer Service, Consistency, and Comfort

Traveling in modern society is upon the norm with most people. Whether is means planning a family vacation or traveling for a work conference, accommodations are upon one of the most important necessities to consider. There may be times when staying with family or friends is an option. Most likely, a hotel reservation is needed to meet the needs of your trip. Choosing a hotel can sometimes be an interesting and tedious task. Consider the needs that you require when attempting to choose which location you want to stay. While every guest will require individual accommodations, there are three simple things that each hotel should have. Every guest is entitled to experience customer service, consistency, and comfort. 

Customer Service 

Service levels are upon the most important aspects of the hotel experience. From the initial booking of the hotel stay, customers deserve superior levels of interaction from the staff at the location. A clear direction on where any hotel amenities are located is key to ensure you as the guest experience the most from your stay. Also while checking in, you should be expected to learn of any extras offered in your stay. Most hotels offer breakfast to their guests and higher end hotels even offer special hotel complimentary products included in the rooms. This alleviates the stress of having to worry about bringing all the extra supplies needed in necessity. Soap and shampoo samples may be offered in the rooms. They pair nicely with the regular hotel accessories and can even act as a special gift to each guest. 


Every hotel should maintain a certain level of consistency through every visit. Not only does this help to ensure great service to all guests, but you will know what to expect should you find yourself in the same location more than once. Check in and out should be somewhat the same in every hotel. When we as guests stay in a hotel, we appreciate the stay more if we can easily navigate the space. Guests in the hotel need to experience the same level of service and not be favored over each other. Nothing will turn away clients faster than hotel service that chooses who to serve faster or more efficiently. All service should be consistent from stay to stay. 


A key component to a hotel stay is comfort. A hotel acts as a place to relax and refresh in the moments when you must be away from home. Although the statement that you get what you pay for is true, all hotels should provide enough pillows and beds to keep guests satisfied. No hotel room should be without the basic hotel accessories such as towels, toilet paper, and especially clean sheets. It is expected that guests should be entitled to such simple amenities. Higher priced rooms may also include special hotel complimentary products such as luxury soap/shampoo, high quality linens,and even gourmet coffee in individual rooms. When guests are in need of extras, room service or guest services always need to be available to meet those needs. Hotels act as an alternative to home and each guest should be able to have the comfort level that best suits them so they can get the best stay possible. 

Hotels are a big part of the modern lifestyle. They are needed by individuals that are traveling for work and even families who choose to go on vacations. Different hotels offer different types of amenities or rooms to suit their guests, but there are a few key components that you should expect to receive. Customer service is one of the first impressions that guests make from the hotel. All of those who stay should feel welcome and trust that their stay will be great. Hotel amenities and accessories help to create different levels of comfort but are always consistently offered in every hotel. Experiencing the basics in every stay from hotels across the nation leaves guests to expect a certain type of experience. Choose the hotel that suits your level of class best but never settle for less than you deserve as a guest. Experience the best stay possible with great customer service, consistency, and comfort.