Planning a  weekend, full of adventures, solving escape room puzzles with your friends?

Escape rooms are ultimate fun for people who like to engage in activities that are mentally stimulating. They are gaining significant prominence across the world and for all the right reasons. If you have been observant enough, you will be able to establish that every game or fun activity we participate in, has the motive to help us grow better. Similarly, solving escape room puzzles in top escape rooms at Edmonton has several skill-building benefits such as the thrill to complete a task within a set of time, makes us come up with new and creative ideas. This helps enhance creativity and strengthen problem-solving skills. Additionally, since the escape room requires people to solve puzzles in groups, it also encourages and develops team building skills. 

But there are certain etiquettes that one must follow while solving the escape room puzzles to make sure that everyone has an enriching experience. We are going to list down thing that people do that ruins the escape room experience:


Escape room puzzles are for mentally invigorating you. There is hardly any physical activity involved, other than roaming. Listen carefully to your game guide, if they say you on have to find things in certain places by lifting them or pushing them, they are serious. If you try to exert too much force, the clues might break, and you might get kicked out of the room. Everything that you would need to solve the puzzle and move ahead will require you to use your brain and not brawns. You don’t have to climb over or flip anything to play the game. 


Solving the puzzle under the influence of drugs or alcohol will be no fun. You won’t be able to solve the puzzles and enjoy the game in an inebriated state. Additionally, you might not be even allowed to enter the escape room if you are intoxicated. 


It natural to keep your finding in your pocket, so that you can instantly use it when needed, but you should be cautious as not to do it, since in the zeal to solve the puzzle you might take the thing home with you and ruin the game for other groups. Yes, the escape room designers and owners do have replacements, but that’s also limited and having to restock the items will prevent them from making the games more interesting. 


Why would you ruin the fun part by taking help from your phone? Play it fair and square. Every escape room will ask you to leave your phone in your purse/bag because whatever information you need, you will quickly find it in the escape room and looking up on search engines won’t be required. 

Yes, escape rooms are fun, and one does not have to follow a set of strict rules to play it, as it won’t be entertaining then but you should have basic etiquettes so that you can enjoy it without getting reprimanded or ruining the game for everyone else.