Scavenger Hunt games are one of the most fun and engaging games which take minimum effort in organising. There isn’t just one way to organise a scavenger hunt game. You can create your own set of rules and add your own twist and spice into the basic yet immensely captivating game.
Although you can organise a scavenger hunt by just creating a list of the things you want the participants to collect, a more fun and engaging way would be to create riddles instead of just naming things.
Now, I’m not saying that it’s easy to create riddles, but it’s more fun than you think. You can base your riddles on so many things. Here are a few simple ways to create some good scavenger hunt riddles :

1.Describe Everyday Used Things

The most easy way to create scavenger hunt riddles is to base them on things that are used everyday. For example a spoon, a fork, comb etc. They are super easy to make. Just describe what the thing does and how it looks, and your riddle is ready.
For example, “The more I dry, the wetter I become” is a good riddle for towel.

2.Make Riddles on Destination Spots

Making a riddle about the place you want the participant to go where s/he’ll find the next object to collect is also a good option. Focus on the details of the place like any specific symbol visible from there or anything that place is used for. For example, “I am the home to your best friend where they slip and slide, swirl and glide” is a riddle for an aquarium. Place a collectable near the aquarium and leave a riddle for the next destination.

3.Something From The Textbook

A little complex way to create a scavenger hunt riddle for kids is to base them off something they learnt from their textbooks. You can use clues to describe the textbook you want them to look into and which chapter specifically and mark words in a particular chapter to spell out a thing they need to collect or a place they can find it. Or, you can pick up anything they’ve learnt from any of their lessons and use them in riddles.

Once, my dad picked up my Maths textbook and used equations. I had to solve every equation and whichever number was the answer, I had to go to the place pre marked with that number and pick up the thing planted there. In the end, he would see which objects I was supposed to collect and which I collected. He would give me points for each correct object and I could redeem them to get my favourite eatable.

Scavenger hunt is a perfect game for social gatherings like picnic, outdoor birthday parties weekend family time or just any boring day that needs some adventure.  Riddles make the game a little more engaging and more challenging. You can even use scavenger hunt riddles to help your kids revise their lessons, like my dad did. You can even get online help to generate interesting riddles and ensure a fun filled time in any get together

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