Frontier Airlines Reservations Phone Number

Cheap are just fares, facilities are luxury!

With a commitment to ensure that “sky is for everyone” , Frontier airlines is ready to go one step ahead of other airlines to give its customers the best facilities to make them feel like having a second home in the air.

The driving policy of this airlines is ‘Low Fares Done Right’, after reading which anyone can surmise the sole motive and the goal of the airlines. This airlines work on the mindset of providing affordable flights even to the have nots of the society which is ignored by most other airlines just to make some small profits. This airlines thinks of its passengers and environment before itself. Green is not just its logo, but also the way it operates. Give your pockets some relief and make Frontier airlines Reservations , you will surely not regret at all.

Book now to not regret later – Frontier airlines reservations

This airlines is widely popular because of its low fares. But don’t think that keeping low fares means compromising with the facilities, here in this airlines you get all necessary amenities and comfort which is the most desired thing in the journey.Just follow these simple steps to have an experience with Frontier airlines and also give some rest to your pocket.

  • Launch the web browser, navigate to the Frontier airlines official site and look for the flights booking section.
  • Click on the “Book a flight” link and initiate your process of Frontier Reservations.
  • Choose one fromOne-way trip, Round trip or Multi-city trip options that will be displayed on your screen. Choose the one that is most suitable for you.
  • Fill the required fields after selecting your type of travel. “ From” and “To” fields will also be displayed on your screen, fill the destination of departure and arrival in these fields respectively.
  • Now, fill the dates of departure in the required field and in case you are opting for round-trip, don’t forget to fill the date of arrival also.
  • Mention the number of passengers also travelling  with you and give details about the number of adults, lap infants and children also . 
  • Now hit the “ search” button to see the available flights on you screen. Choose one that is most convenient to you .
  • Finally you have to make your payment and here, your work of Frontier Airlines Reservations  is done .
  • You can even apply a promo code (if available) to avail the discounts on the Frontier Reservations .
  • To know more,  contact to Frontier Airlines customer service by calling on Frontier Airlines phone number or by visiting frontier Airlines official site.

Frontier airlines “ Manage my booking” 

To err is human! But the solutions are also within the ambit of humans only. We make mistakes while making our bookings, but they can be corrected as we get a special feature of “ Manage my booking” option on the mobile application or Frontier airlines official site . 

You just have to mention the flight reference and the last name as on the ticket in order to retrieve the ticket you booked.

Things that can be done : 

  • Change or cancel your flight
  • Select your desired seat and favorite meal
  • Update you contact information and other personal details
  • Add information of additional baggage of yours

Why to love Frontier airlines more 

  • Transparency:  There are no hidden charges to dupe you on any Frontier Reservations. Whatever is shown in the beginning will be the only thing till last. You can have trust on this airlines.
  • Alluring offers, promo codes and discounts: Minimize the spending, save money for actual destination visit and enjoy with no worries 
  • Fabulous hospitality services: Journey becomes good when welcome becomes warm. Hospitality services here, provide you similar experience, you get very pleasing welcome to remember always.
  • Cheap fares:  This is not a publicity stunt by the Frontier airlines, but a motive that they carry with themselves all the time.

Frontier Airlines Baggage policy:

Criteria ApplicableFeeMax Weight permitted(lbs) Max Size(L×W×H)

Already booked carry-on bag $30-$55 35lbs 10”x16”x24”

• (Booked during Frontier airlines Reservations )

Carry-on bag checked on gate $60 35lbs 10”x16”x24”

• (Done when you reach airport)

  • Extra checked bag (first)  $30-$50 50lbs 62”
  • Extra checked bag(second) $45-$55 50lbs 62”
  • Extra checked bag(+ third) $85-$95 50lbs 62”
  • Overweight bag $75+ 51-99lbs      62”
  • Oversized bag $75+50lbs 63”-109”

For further details on this topic, you can contact to Frontier airlines customer service anytime. There you will be provided more detailed information about the Baggage policy.

Keep yourself updated about your flight 

Frontier Airlines Flight status:

Want to get updated every minute? Don’t worry, you can do this at you home only without much efforts. We understand the stress you get to be sure about the timings of your particular flight, hence we have given the steps to check the status- 

  • Go to the Frontier airlines official site, open “Travel” tab and then proceed.
  • Try to look for the option showing “Flight status” , click on it and then wait for next step
  • You can search your flight status either by giving details about the cities or you can simply enter the flight number of your respective flight.
  • If you go by the option of ‘cities’ to check the status of your flight, in that case you have to enter the city and airport of departure destination and also the city and the airport of arrival destination. Along with this, you will have to mention date of the journey also.
  • If the option of “Flight number” is selected to get the status, you have to give the flight number along with the date of the journey.
  • Now finally you have to click on the “search” button in order to get the information for which you came here. 

You can even search for the flight status by downloading the mobile application of Frontier airlines or by calling on Frontier airlines phone number.

Changes are inevitable! 

Frontier reservations cancellation process:

Nothing is permanent, not even our plans! They change according to the situations in which we are in and not always the situations are going to be a cake-walk for us. Sometimes we need to change everything we planned, cancel everything that we dreamt of. This is not with just one person but with everyone existing here. Frontier airlines understand this and gives you the quick and hassle free method of cancelling your ticket.

  • You can access this facility by going on “ Manage my booking” section of the Frontier airlines official site.
  • If you want to cancel your ticket within 24 hrs after making your Frontier reservations, then you are lucky, because you are eligible to get full refund of your ticket in this case .
  • Even if you are cancelling the ticket before 7 days of departure, you are lucky enough to get the full refund. But for other customers who do not fall un these two criteria, they will be charged a cancellation fee per ticket.

Always there for you

Frontier airlines customer service:

Although we are smart enough to cope with any problem, but some instances are there when we need assistance. Customer service is present for that only. Executive there, is ready to solve any of your query related to your flight and to make you feel relaxed.

FAQs About Frontier Airlines

1. What are the ways to check- in for your Frontier airlines reservations? 

There are two ways to check-in: 
• Check-in online
• Check-in at airport

2. What are the types of seating options available fir the passenger’s comfort?

You can choose from two seating options as per you convenience: 
• Standard seating
• Stretch seating

For detailed description about any thing related to Frontier airlines, just reach to Frontier airlines customer service by any means suitable to you.