How To Make Your Outfits Stand Out From The Crowd

How To Make Your Outfits Stand Out From The Crowd

Are you tired of your dull, boring clothes? Do you want to give your wardrobe a brand new makeover without spending too much? You have come to the right place. It’s quite a challenge when you stand in front of your closet every morning to pick an outfit for the day. However, there might be only a few days when you can manage to put an outfit together that you are proud of. Otherwise on most of the days, you go with the safe picks that don’t need too much of thinking. We can always see celebrities and social media influencers pulling off the same boring clothes in the coolest ways possible. How do they do that? You don’t need to hire a high-end stylist for that; all you need to do is know a few tricks and techniques to make your ensemble look more relaxed and fresh. Here we have curated a list of tips that you can apply to your daily outfits and instantly make them look even better than before.


Layering is the key! If you want to make your outfits look cooler, add different kinds of layers to it that go well together and don’t look bulky. Layering will not only look good but will also provide that extra warmth in winters. Although, layering isn’t always necessarily related to clothes you can also layer your outfit with different kinds of jewelry. For example, you can go for a denim on denim look and layer it with tribal fusion jewelry from India which will instantly boost the look of the outfit and make it stand out from the crowd.

Accessorize Well

To make your outfit different, you have to pair the right kind of accessories with your clothes. It’s essential that you don’t go overboard with them and wear just the right amount of bling on you. Keep experimenting with different kinds of jewelry that’s available in the market and pair your outfits accordingly. Tribal fusion jewelry in India, in particular, is doing the rounds these days. You can pair it either with Indian wear or fuse it with a flowy western outfit and complete the look with a pair of suede boots.

Body Type

In order to make your outfits look more appealing, you first need to know what kind of silhouettes go best with your body type and experiment with your looks from thereon. It doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to one particular category, but the purpose is to know one specific silhouette that is a safe choice and you can easily experiment more looks with that. It never is about how much you spend on clothes or what brand you wear, but it’s all about how you embrace your body in whatever fabric you choose to wear. In the end, it is the confidence that pulls it all off.

The Right Colors

There’s always a color of the season that can be seen flaunted by women all around. It’s not always necessary for you to pull that color off but if you do make sure you balance it just right with other neutral tones. You can start by taking inspiration from influencers that have been flaunting that color and then try it out on yourself. Know what colors suit your skin tone the best and experiment with them. Right colors can change the whole vibe of your outfit and also affect the kind of energy surrounding you all day.


It’s rightly said that you can judge a person from their shoes. It’s imperative that you pair the right kind of shoes with your outfit. Don’t ever go for something that’s bulky on the top and bulky on the bottom. It gives more of a laid back vibe. It just takes the right kind of shoes to uplift your mood all day! Not just the outfit but also keep the occasion in mind before choosing a pair of shoes. If it’s something that is going to go all day long, ditch the heels and instead it’s time for you to go for those embellished ballerinas that you have been saving up for a special occasion. Therefore, choose the right kind of footwear to rock your outfit and make an impression.

So get your creative juices flowing and style your outfits differently!

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