Instagram is all about visual appeal. Anything which looks attractive (or even bizarre and it catches your imagination then it is a hit on Instagram. Post a picture with the weirdest but aesthetically appealing image and in no time you might be trending on Instagram. Love it or hate it, this is how this social media platform functions. 

The one topic which is always trending for one or the other reason is Beauty and Makeup. Bloggers and Make-up artists have actively started creating looks which are meant to be shown on Instagram posts and stories rather than to be worn on in public. These make up looks are popular for their creativity and unique factor. Interestingly, make up artists are not playing with traditional eye and lips any more. They are playing around with nails, hairs, and eyebrows. Yes, even eyebrows. 

Eyebrows have become a focal point in past few years. It has gone from pencil-thin arches to natural bushy style. It has become an integral part of ones beauty routine. A correctly done eyebrow enhances the eye makeup to another level. 

Let us have a look at some of these Instagram eyebrow trends which became a hit last year:

1. Feather Eyebrows: Instagram is a place where we see all sorts of experiments just to create a unique content. The trend #FeatherBrow was initiated by Finnish makeup artist Stella Sironen, who created this eyebrow style using glue stick. The makeup artist shared an image of slick feather eyebrows which were parted horizontally down the middle. The eyes stood out against the flawless skin and holographic eye makeup. 

To be honest, no matter how bizarre the trend seems, but it is way better than the 100 layers of foundation challenge. You can wear a toned down feather eyebrow for the next day out just by using subtle strokes and clear brow gel.

2. Dragon Brow: When doing eyebrows went a little ahead, it became “brow-art”, and it yield us results trends like ‘dragon brows’. The natural bold eyebrows are there to stay, but makeup artists are always coming up with new designs. These experimental designs are something which always keep makeup trending on Instagram. After the famous feathered brow, dragon brows took over instagram which as per the was inspired by Skyrim on the Xbox. The creator of this look is 23 years old self taught makeup artist who says that the spikes on the game’s dragon inspired her to create spikes on the eyebrows which makes the final look like the mythical character.

3. Barbed Wire Brows: When Instagram got over from Lip art and eye art, they divert their attention towards brows. It was officially happening on internet, this time last year. Out next favourite eyebrow trend from instagram is barbed wire brow is so badass. Even though it was created before feather eyebrows, it actually got public attention quite later. Here the eyebrows spikes are styled in alternating upward and downward points. It is more like a sleek messy look for eyebrows. 

It doesn’t matter weather you like these make up trends or not. These trends keep us glued to the addictive world of Instagram. Here we get content that is unique and quirky.