What comes to your mind when you hear the word “Greece”?

Santorini? Athens?

Greek Salad? Dolma?

Tommy Lee?

What if we tell you there’s more to Greece than sumptuous delicacies, beautiful destinations? 

What if we tell you Greece is home to some of the finest jewelry designers in the world?

Yes, you must have read a lot about famous Greek destination, tasty Greek dishes, and numerous Hollywood actors, but today we will tell you about some of the most famous Greek jewelry designers in the world. 


Looking for traditional Greek jewelry?

Then you should check out Dolly Boucoyannis’ distinctive jewelry made from semi-precious and precious stones. Having received applauds for her unique approach in use of moving diamonds, Boucoyannis beautifully combines the traditional Greek elements with the different historical times and converts them into a timeless piece of jewelry.


Are you a fan of Greek mythology?

Have you always wanted an exquisite symbolic piece of jewelry? Look no further than Nadia Emmanuel’s Keras collection. From earrings to rings to bangles, everywhere you will find bold patterns and symbols etched into beautiful precious stones and metals. You can also gift this jewelry piece as a Greek souvenir to your visiting family members and friends. 


You know how they say the talent and an eye for details is passed onto the generations. Well, Katrina Ioannidis is one such example who comes from a family of the goldsmith who have been involved in the business of jewelry making from ages. Katrina jewelry designs are inspired from the history and culture of Greece as well everyday life. If you would like to own something unique jewelry, with pleasing aesthetics, then you should check out Katrina’s jewelry collection. 


One of the most successful Greece jewelry export store with celebrities and elite in its appraiser’s list, Konstantino jewelry is a mainstay of the high profile society. The creator’s affection towards ancient elements can be seen in his jewelry pieces. What sets Konstantino jewelry apart are the inscriptions and images on the precious stones that make give it timeless classic appeal. He doesn’t shy away from experimenting, which is evident in their colorful, modern and classical designs. There are two prominent collections of Konstantino, namely  Fashion Collections and Classical collections. While in his Fashion Collections, his inclination towards Greek history and the opulent legacy of god and goddess is visible in the names of the pieces. The classical collection has the neatness of architectural etches and careful textures, making them a perfect heirloom gift. 

Whichever jewelry you wish to buy that adds to your beauty, it should only be purchased from credible dealers. Designer Pieces of jewelry are an expensive investment; you have to make sure that whichever piece you buy be it an engagement ring, bracelet, wedding band, all are sold by credible dealers or stores that can offer certified repair and replacement service. Considering these are designer jewelry, the scope of a bargain is little to none, but several online stores will make sure that you only pay the lowest possible market price and not fleece you with difficult terminologies or hidden charges. 

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