Whether it’s red carpet, a date night, brunch or office meetings, right accessories can resonate your mood, thoughts and even make a statement of their own. If you’re one of “the simpler, the better” team, then this article is just for you. 

As someone who keeps searching for everything from traditional to dainty to fusion jewelry online, I have seen even minimal pieces of jewelry taking the entire attire to cloud 9 and that is why I have started believing maybe simplicity is the best.  

While there are so many heavy, chunky and sparkly designer pieces out there, minimal and simple jewelry pieces can be your everyday best friend. Here’s how : 

Bring In Some Geometric Shapes

Geometric shapes are in. From Hollow circles to triangles or just classic bars. Bring out your inner Pythagoras and experiment with shapes. Not only are they simple, but also very classy and bound to bring some edge (pun intended) to your look.

Photo by Bo’Bell Jewels

These geometry shape earrings from Bo’Bell Jewels is perfect for almost every kind of look and i one of my most favourite jewelry pieces online.

Layer Them On

Photo by Christian Mackie from Burst

Evene the most minimal of jewelries can be a statement jewelry if you can make them visible. Stack on those dainty rings or multifold that long thin chain and you’re in for a gorgeous and effortless look. It’s not the chunk that matters, it’s the visibility.

Drop The Metal

It’s not necessary to always wear metal accessories. Bring some change in your collection and try other materials like lace, suede, or even leather. There’s plenty of options available to replace your plain old metal accessories.

Photo By Matthew Henry From Burst 

For example, this suede choker with a metal bar at the centre makes for a great accessory for your everyday casual look as well as for those concert nights.


 Quirky is The New Elegant

Photo by Alexandra Lee from Burst
Elegance is what you make it. So, put the cliche to rest and spice up your jewelry collection with some quirky pieces. Play with colors, shapes, themes and mix up different designs to create a bold and yet smooth look.

You Can Never Go Wrong With Boho

Photo by Christian Mackie from Burst

Boho jewelry is such a vast category that there’s always a boho piece of jewelry perfect for every kind of outfit and occasion. From your basic tee to a glamorous evening dress, there’s a boho accessory made just for that look. And if you’re too confused, always go with rhinestones. Nothing says “simple and yet pretty” like a rhinestone captures in a wire around your neck.

Wrapping It Up…

While there are attires that can only be done justice with by some glittery, heavy and queen kind jewelry, for everyday, minimal can never go wrong. The only thing to keep in mind is what kind of tone (gold, silver or oxidized) and material is going on your dress. Keeping the above mentioned simple things in mind, you’re sure to create a bang on look everyday.

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