The Rise of Social Media in The Realm of Marketing

The Rise of Social Media in The Realm of Marketing

Social media and marketing are practically synonymous in this socially driven world. You’d be hard-pressed to visit any social media platform and be capable of avoiding marketing. Why has social media created a whole new wave of marketing? There are three very important aspects of marketing that social media-driven ads fulfill completely.

Visuals are Everything

As you can see from shows like Mad Men, visuals are everything when it comes to ads. You need a memorable visual to sell a product. Social media marketing makes it easy to share videos and photos for any type of business or product. Even businesses just starting out can make a strong visual ad with the use of social media.

Strong and Memorable Writing

Along with an eye-catching visual, strong and memorable writing is important in making a successful ad. A writer can come up with a slogan that can be easily shared all over social media to bring attention to a business or other initiative looking to gain traction. Social media is a platform that really allows writers of all kinds to write a message. For a professional writer, social media provides a platform where they can exercise their natural talents as a writer. Whether they write quirky things, horror, humor, fantasy, or advertisements for a business, a writer can use social media for whatever genre they wish. The social media writing genre of advertising is something that has really taken off and may even be more successful than older methods of advertising writing for radio, television, or traditional print ads.

Method to Reach Consumers

Social media marketing is a method to reach consumers in a way that is even more personal than television or any other kinds of advertising. Ads on social media often reach consumers based on the consumer’s existing interest in certain products. It personalizes ads and makes it easier for businesses to reach their consumers or potential future consumers. It also helps out consumers find new products that they would more likely use since they are seeing the ads based on what they are interested in. Social media also allows consumers to share ads, so they can distribute an ad to their friends who may also be interested in that same type of product.

Social media and marketing are a match made in heaven for advertisers and businesses. It may be the method of the future for advertising in this new day and age where Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube dominate advertising. Advertising is welcoming in a new age with social media.

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