Misconceptions Regarding Translation Services

Misconceptions Regarding Translation Services

Translation services can do wonders for a company that is planning to venture out of its home country. It acts as the one golden weapon that will help you widen your reach and have a larger customer base. Not just for the company but you can also use their services for employees’ immigration translation certification. But still, a few misconceptions are revolving around translation services lately. We have discussed them below to give you more clarity. Have a look.

“It is not effective”

It is often assumed that translated texts are not as useful as claimed to be. Let me explain you this with the help of an example. Imagine a company that primarily sells its goods online and has a customer base in a particular country. However, the business decides to globalize its services and introduces new products for customers based out of the home country as well. But it can only do so by translating their website to various other languages for target customer. This one step can decide the entire future of that firm in that particular country. Translation will prove to be as effective as any other important business strategy for the business. So to say translations are not as effective would only be misleading the point.

“It is expensive”

One massive misconception regarding translation services is that it is quite costly. But the truth is that translation services costs nothing as compared to the kind of revenue it generates for the company. One foolproof method of testing whether an investment is worth it or not for the company is to check its return of investment. And translating your texts provides you with a new customer base and widens your reach. Not just for your company you can it can also help with immigration translation for your employees moving to the new office in the foreign land. That is how cost-effective it is. 

“It is time consuming”

Next misconception is that the translation companies take forever to translate the documents which makes the entire process difficult for companies. The truth, on the other hand, is that if you outsource translation services from a company that holds experience and expertise over the matter, then you are bound to see quality results in the prescribed time. Usually, it takes 1-2 days for companies to get easy texts translated such as immigration translation certification. However, it varies for exceptional cases. So assuming it is to be a time taking process would only be missing out on new opportunities.

“Quality is not ensured”

Various firms believe that there is no quality check over the translated texts. However, the truth is that translation companies ensures that the translator they hire is experienced and has either of the two languages as their first language. This helps a lot in accurate translation of the text and ensures the quality of the document. Not just that but a whole team of talented personnels is made to go through the translated documents to provide top-notch quality of translation services. The only thing you have to make sure is to go to a reputed company for translation of your texts or documents.

“It is not safe”

Legal documents of a firm are something that has to be taken care of with extreme care. One cannot afford to commit a mistake with the legal documents of the company. That is why firms are hesitant in handing over their records to translation companies. But various translation companies promise full protection and ensure all the necessary steps are taken to safeguard the interests of their clients. For example, before even assigning the job of immigration translation documents, many companies perform a thorough background check on their translators and sign a non-disclosure document with them. Not just that but the companies make sure the data transferred online is encrypted and does get in the hands of unauthorized personnel. It makes immigration translation easier. 

“It is a cumbersome process”

Another myth that is doing the rounds lately is that getting your documents translated is a cumbersome process. It takes a lot of effort in getting your materials delivered to the translation companies and then receiving it. However, the truth is that in this digital time and age you don’t have to worry about delivering your documents. All you have to do is visit the translation company’s site and upload the immigration translation documents. Once you do that, on an average a company takes 1-2 days in providing you with the translated copy of the papers. That is how simple and easy it is to get your documents or texts translated.

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