Marketing Can Only Be Successful With The Right Balance Of Human-Technology Elements

Marketing Can Only Be Successful With The Right Balance Of Human-Technology Elements

Look around and observe, you will not find a single object untouched and unaffected by technology.

Every industrial sector, be it healthcare, recruitment, or marketing has embraced technology. These sectors realize that strategic use of technology can help them reach out to their consumer better than any other resource. 

Marketing Is No Longer Confined To Print And Media Sources.

There’s no denying the fact that technology has transformed the marketing pitch significantly. With the continually evolving technology, marketing is no longer confined to prints and media sources. Marketers have realized that they have to keep up with the technological advancements to stay relevant to how their target audience is consuming information. 

But in this hustle to simplify the intricacies, has the marketing industry forgotten the fundamental element, i.e.  humans? Are you in such a hurry to measure and level up your technical metrics that you have misconstrued your consumer base to be an army of robots that need to be stuffed with information, no matter the relevancy? 

Yes, we are making enormous headways in brand recognition by utilizing augmented reality and big data, but how do we plan to implement them without the analytical and creative skills of humans? 

One of the contributing factors for marketing campaigns falling flat is their inability to resonate with their consumers. Marketers need to infuse technology into a perfect blend with the human element to make their brand prosper. 

What You Can Do As A Marketer To Stay Relevant

Marketing is a diverse field, and one must be meticulous in approach to add the human touch to their campaign. Marketers can:

  • Tell engaging stories, with which people can connect to and relate themselves. An intriguing story will have a positive impact on consumer attraction and retention. 
  • Be able to  burst assumptions of consumer or draw a powerful contrast that drop their reservation they might have had regarding the brand’s service. 
  • Never follow the rat race for appealing to their consumer. Find new means to make the interaction interesting. For Example, if you are involved with social media market
  • Humanising B2B marketing can be tricky because you can not afford to risk potential clients by sounding too casual and not putting out what all you can offer. But B2B doesn’t have to all uptight and emotionless. Yes, you should remain professional, but you can keep your tone relaxed to develop a bond. You can ask relevant questions and instead of shooting those automated emails, follow up with a phone call, to add a personal touch.  
  • You can positively impact your brand on social media by sharing employees stories and consumers experiences. Engage in conversation on the social channels. A simple “thank you” to consumer’s feedback could help them perceive you as a friendly brand. 

No matter how technically advanced and appealing marketing methods you adopt to connect with your consumer, if you lack the basic human characteristic of empathy and emotional intelligence, you won’t be able to stay afloat for long. 

There should not be a debate on human vs. technology, but instead, every industrial sector should formulate and execute such strategies that utilize the valuable components of both. Afterall, no technology can replace human and human need technology to thrive.

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