Importance And Benefits of Email Marketing

Importance And Benefits of Email Marketing

Email marketing has become essential for Internet marketing, as it is one of the most vibrant and powerful ways to connect with people. As per the record of the Radicati group, over half of the population of the world uses email as of 2019. However, it is estimated that by 2023, the number of email users will be increased to 4.3 billion. According to the data of Pew research, it is found that 92% of adults use an email in the United States of America, where 61% of people check and sends email daily.
Thus from these statistics, you can easily say that email marketing plays a

significant role in targeting prospective customers. Hence with the help of effective email campaign design, every business can enhance its reach and visibility. Apart from that, with the help of email marketing it is also possible to personalize the message as well as tailor it based on the actions of the customers. Moreover, it is also possible to segment your target audience for ensuring the right leads and get the most impactful information at the right time. Hence email marketing has become one of the topmost strategies in today’s marketing world.

Benefits of email marketing

There are various reasons for which every company should implement email marketing due to the enormous benefits that it provides. Some of the essential benefits that email marketing provides are given as follows:

Email marketing is very cost-effective: It is true that in the digital marketing world, you have to constantly change your strategies for achieving your overall goal within your budget. But no matter whatever tactics arise in the next few years it is certain that the importance of email marketing will never change as it is very cost-effective. Traditional marketing strategies such as TV advertisements or print media advertisements can be very costly but email marketing requires a very little cost.

In email marketing, you just need to hire a person who can help in writing appealing and engaging email content for the email marketing newsletter. Thus email marketing can provide you huge Return on Investment (ROI). As per the record of the campaign monitor, it is found that every $1 spent on email marketing usually generates an ROI of $ 38. Hence email marketing can be a very cost-effective and even smaller business can implement it with a limited budget.

Reach more mobile customers: The number of mobile users is increasing day by day and it cannot be ignored. As per the record of Statista, it is predicted that by 2019 the number of mobile users will be over five billion. So in order to remain competitive in the digital market marketers need to find a better way to interact with mobile users. It is seen that two-thirds of emails are read on smartphones or tablets. Thus email marketing will certainly prove to be a very effective strategy for helping marketers to reach and engage those customers who are using the mobile device.

Email marketing can be the automated process: Email marketing can also lead to automation. When email marketing is automated, it will enhance the relevance and timeliness of your campaign. In email marketing, it becomes possible to use the trigger and workflow for sending the email message automatically to the target customers after taking some specific action. Apart from enhancing the relevance and timeliness, email automation can help in saving time and money as well. With email marketing, it also becomes possible to create a stronger relationship between the target customer and the market, which can enhance the sales of the company.

Email marketing can personalize the content for better response rates: With the help of email marketing, it becomes possible to personalize the email message and content to the subscriber. It is seen that most digital consumers want ads to be more personalized and tailored according to their requirements and preferences. If the marketer is able to use personalized content, then the reader of the email will be more likely to enjoy and act on. For example, taking the name of the consumer in the email can make a huge difference than that of writing the same content for all customers.

Email marketing can also be interactive: In the last few years, email marketing has raised to a great extent and along with that, the demand for email interactiveness has risen. Interactive content can keep the consumer interested and engaged. Hence you can embed various types of interactive content in the body of the email such as video content or email carousels rather than sending the reader to the landing page straightway. The more integrated your marketing campaign is, the more you will be able to create touchpoints in your target market.

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