Alaska Airlines Reservations Phone Number

Keeping customers at top on the priority list, respecting communities, keeping in eye on the development to go hand in hand with environment and safeguarding each other, makes the fundamentals of Alaska airlines. Development can be sometimes harsh on one strata of society but sustainable development is always going to be fruitful for everyone out there, Alaska airlines remembers this thing and work with sustainability.

The sheer focus is to make the passengers’ experience hassle-free and provide them memorable journey but after this also, the sense if responsibility towards the environment also doesn’t shift at all as Alaska airlines fly green.

Observing all this, anyone can say that it is worth making Alaska Airlines Reservations.

Make A Alaska airlines Reservations:

Alaska airlines Reservations Offline booking method:

Alaska airlines Reservations Through the Customer care

Simply call the Alaska Airlines customer service and you will be headed to talk to an executive who will lead you to make your Alaska reservations.

You will have to tell him the required details and your word will be done there.

Alaska airlines Reservations By Physically Visiting the Airport

If you have enough time with you then you can go and have your Alaska airlines reservations through the airport only. There also you will have to give the required details and after confirmation of the ticket, you will be given the hard copy of it.

Alaska airlines Reservations Through airlines Kiosk Centre

You can also have Alaska Airlines reservations through the Kiosk centers set up by Alaska airlines.

Alaska airlines Reservations Online Booking method:

The Online Alaska airlines reservations can be done by using a mobile application or by directly visiting the Alaska airlines official site. The detailed process for the Alaska reservations with app and website are provided below.

Alaska airlines Booking through the Website:

The process of online Alaska Airlines reservations is as follows:

  • Firstly visit the Alaska airlines official site.
  • When you see homepage of the website, sign in to your account. ( If you are already having an account, and if not, then make a new one so that you can complete your Alaska  reservations).
  • After logging in to your account, click on the option, “ Book a ticket”.
  • By this, you will reach the ticket booking page.
  • Now, search the flights according to your starting location, destination as well as  date of travelling.
  • All the flights available and matching your search requirements will be visible on your screenand you will be able to see the cost of the tickets also.
  • After finalizing your desired flight, you will have to enter  the details of all the passengers who will be travelling with you by the flight.
  • Once every thing is done, you will proceed to  payment page, where you will be given various options to  pay the amount likecredit card or debit card.
  • After the payment is done, you will get the notification of confirmation of your Alaska Airlines Reservations soon.
  • All the details of the flight ticket will also be sent to you at your registered email id.

Alaska airlines Reservations Booking through the app:

  • You are given the facility to do Alaska  reservations using the official app of Alaska airlines also.
  • For this , you need to download the app first from the app store and then install it on your device.
  • You have to make an account over there and then you will have to log in into that account.

Rules to carry your stuff:

Alaska airlines Baggage policy:

For the first bag of yours that weightsabout, 50lbs you’ need to pay $30 and for the second baggage you will be paying $40, and in case of every additional baggage, you will have to pay $100.

You will be charged extra if the size and weight of the your bags exceed the limit set in the rules and regulations of the baggage policy of Alaska airlines.

  • You are not allowed to carry certain things in your baggage as per the rules of the airlines. Some of these things are mentioned in points below.
  • Alcohol is not allowed.
  • Vehicles operated by battery aren’t allowed.
  • Every inflammable thing is also prohibited.
  • Camping or any sharp stiff object is also strictly prohibited.
  • Carrying explosive isn’t going to be entertained by the airlines.
  • Drugs like cocaine, heroin, marijuana, etc. can also make a situation of problem for you.
  • You can carry one carry on bag and another one like hand purse or laptop bag per passenger.
  • The hand carry bag should be  size thatis able to fit inside the overhead bin or under the seat of airlines easily.
  • Youshould download the luggage tag from the Alaskaairlines official site and can paste the print out on your luggage to safeguard your luggage from the possibility of getting misplaced.
  • You will be awarded some extra discount on your future Alaska Airlines Reservations and in airlines planin case you get your luggage within 20 minutes post your arrival at the airport .

Change plans, we  will take care of you!

Alaska airlines Cancellation:

You need to keep these things in mind to cancel your Alaska reservations online and receive refund or credit. And for this, your reservation must:

  • Have been made from i.e. is the  Alaska airlines official site, Alaska Airlines customer care reservation call center or an Alaska ticket counter.
  • Not contain a saver fare  beyond the first 24 hours after booking.( For better understanding of this, you can visit Alaska airlines official site of contact to Alaska airlines phone number)
  • It should notbe having a government fare.
  • It should not  be more than one year from date of original purchase of your ticket, or in case of partially used tickets, it should not be more than one year from your original outbound date of travel.
  • It should not be a part of a group or vacation package booking criteria.
  • It should also not be having an unaccompanied minor booked on a carrier which is not Alaska Airlines or other than that.
  • Have been paid using US dollars as the form of currency.

For further details or in case of any doubts, always feel free to avail the facility of Alaska  Airlines customer service.

Pampering customers through best executive response:

Alaska airlines Customer Service

Department Alaska airlines phone number

  • Alaska Airlines General Inquiries is 1-800-654-5669
  • Alaska Airlines Reservations is +1-855-915-0329
  • Alaska Airlines Vacation Packages is 1-844-762-0087
  • Alaska Airlines Lost Baggage Service Number is 1-877-815-8253
  • Alaska Airlines Main Office is 206-433-3200

Or if you don’t want to contact to the executive then you can simply visit Alaska airlines official site i.e.

Ask questions, make yourself clear

FAQs About Alaska Airlines Reservations

1.  What entertainment options do we get on the Alaska airlines?

You can watch free movies and TV shows on your electronic device while you are in the flight. Even you can but the headphones there only in less amount.

2. What is Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan?

In this , you will get your own account where some mileage will be added according to the distance traveled by you with the airlines, this can prove to be a help in your future flights with the Alaska airlines.

3.  What are the ways to get different exemption awards in this airlines?

You are provided different services when you are an elite member in the airlines group.

To know more about this, have a visit on Alaska airlines customer service.